February 19, 2009, is the date credited as the start of the Tea Party movement, although some activists would differ and say they already were laying the groundwork.

But there’s no doubt that Rick Santelli’s call for a Chicago Tea Party on CNBC was the moment that sparked the movement:

There’s a lot that could be written about victories and losses.

On a personal level, it’s been a meaningful experience.  I’ve met some of the finest people you could hope to know.

Politically, it’s been a more mixed experience.  Yes, we changed the narrative and the focus of the debate.  We took back the House. We did not cause the loss of the Senate or the failure to regain it.  The list of establishment Republican Senate failures is far longer than the list of Tea Party Senate failures.

But at the same time, D.C. never changes.  It just keeps consuming more of our money, our time and our spirit.

I’ve thought about my motivation now as compared to 2010. Not even close.

And 2012.  Closer but not close.

The disappointments within the Republican Party itself have turned me to other pursuits with what time I have for the blog.

Oh, sure, there will be an Operation Counterweight 2014. It’s just going to be harder to get motivated without pretending to be motivated.

Maybe something will shake me out of it.


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