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So tell me about Dr. Milton Wolf

So tell me about Dr. Milton Wolf

The “next Ted Cruz”?

I’ve known him from the blogosphere, where he ran The Wolf Files.

Now he’s running for Senate in Kansas.

This radio ad, in which mention is made of him being “The Next Ted Cruz” is sure to get attention, as it has at The Hill:

Milton Wolf is quickly claiming the Ted Cruz mantle in his primary against Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.).

The Senate hopeful and second cousin to President Obama, Wolf is launching his first radio ad ahead of the August primary featuring former Kansas Rep. Jim Ryun (R) touting Wolf as “the next Ted Cruz.”

Ryun is chairman of the conservative group the Madison Project, which has endorsed Wolf. Senate Conservatives Fund has also backed Wolf.

“You see, Milton Wolf is a doctor, not a politician, and they’re already calling him the next Ted Cruz [R-Texas],” Ryun says in the ad, a reference to an article in The Week examining whether he’s trying to follow in Cruz’s footsteps.

He goes on to praise Wolf’s conservative credentials and his proclaimed goal of repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

“You wanna drive President Obama crazy? Send Dr. Milton Wolf to the U.S. Senate,” Ryun says at the end of the ad.

Roberts, who was first elected to the Senate in 1996, won his last election with 60 percent of the vote.

He’s a staunch conservative and isn’t typically considered vulnerable to conservative attacks, but Wolf has long criticized the incumbent, accusing him of raising the debt ceiling and supporting the Wall Street bailout, and not doing enough to eliminate ObamaCare.

So tell me about Dr. Milton Wolf, the Kansas primary, and the Kansas general election.


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Don’t know.

I predict a strong showing if he stays on this message.

PersonFromPorlock | January 21, 2014 at 3:42 pm

OK, what’s with the 38-star flag?

One thing we DO know for sure is that at this very moment, Karl Rove has his flying monkeys searching for dirt on Dr. Wolf.

KSConservative | January 21, 2014 at 4:04 pm

Milton is a doctor, not a politician. He’s got my vote!

If Pat Roberts isn’t conservative enough for you, you are on the lunatic fringe. The man has been the very definition of a conservative statesman throughout his career.

MouseTheLuckyDog | January 21, 2014 at 4:50 pm

I like this guy, but to be honest I would hate to lose Roberts.

One of our San Diego bloggers, Left Coast Rebel, is a big fan who has interviewed him.

Here is the interview piece:

More here, too:

My name is Christopher Parisho. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and discussing many of today’s critical issues with Dr Wolf. I find him to be an honest, genuine, sincere, and passionate person. He’s a very conservative person with the kind of ideals we need more of in the US Congress.

The group I co -founded, Kansans for Constitutional Government has endorsed Dr Wolf, and I personally endorse him as well.

In response to the Roberts fans:

Roberts has a track record of leaning moderate in non-election years, then leaning conservative in election years. Go look at his 40+ year long voting record. One action Roberts took that stands out to me is supporting and endorsing Sibelius to be Sec of HHS. We can clearly see how well that’s turned out for us as a nation.

One of the biggest problems we have in Washington DC is career politicians, and Roberts is just one of those people. It’s time for Roberts to retire.

    Lina Inverse in reply to CParisho. | January 22, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    I’m not entirely sure how to view that vote. It did remove Sibelius from the governor’s seat and Kansas.

    Making her a problem for the whole nation, not just Kansas….

    In 20/20 hindsight it also helped ruin the rollout of

One of the premier TEA Party groups in Kansas, the Flint Hills TEA Party based in Manhattan KS, has just this week publicly endorsed Dr. Milton Wolf for the August 2014 GOP Senate primary over incumbent Pat Roberts…

Yes, the Heritage Foundation has rated Roberts as the 5th-most-conservative member of the Senate, but if our Big XII football coach was only the 5th-most-successful in the league, would the KSU alumni want to settle for “5th best”? Of course not!

Moreover, Kansas is the state that “broke the mold” in the 2012 GOP state legislature primaries, unseating NINE (9) incumbent members of the 40-seat state Senate (including the sitting Senate President and the designated-heir of the sitting Senate Vice-President), in an era when incumbents stand a nearly 90% chance of re-election, from the President down to the local dog-catcher.

Additionally, the Flint Hills TEA Party is the ONLY TEA Party group in the USA with an organized Constitution-based college scholarship program, now in its 3rd year of operation…

Despite this overwhelming evidence of the strongest grassroots activity, since the group gathered for its first Tax Day TEA Party rally in April 2009 to the present, not once has the group been contacted by Senator Roberts or anyone in his office or staff, to offer congratulations or ask for help in any way.

Roberts’ worst offense came when he voted TWICE, once in Committee and then again on the Senate floor, to confirm Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of HHS… inflicting damage yet unmeasured on the entire country.

Dr. Milton Wolf is a genuine 21st century conservative, and after 40 years in Washington, it’s time for Pat Roberts to “take the gold watch” and retire gracefully.

Let me just say, that even if Ted Cruz were to be in the Senate for more than 12 years (2 terms) I wouldn’t vote for him again, unless his primary candidate were a socialist.

It’s time to end career politics, vote NO on incumbents.

But what about his work for noted L.A. gang boss Marsellus Wallace? :-p

The word “conservative” has appeared a dozen times or more on this page so far, but it doesn’t tell me much. In America a conservative could be

i. an abortion opponent
ii. an opponent of any manifestation of the Socialist party
iii. anyone who believes that the federal government should be a constitutional republic, both in theory and in practice
iv. anyone who realizes that money doesn’t grow on trees

There are some other things “conservative” might mean, such as

v. someone who actually knows what he’s talking about (as per Robert Conquest’s First Law of Politics)

but these others are not as universally acknowledged as the first four listed supra.

So, which type of conservative is Dr Wolf?

I don’t know anything about him, and I’m not in KS, but I’ll support him if he is a stronger proponent of cutting regulations and taxes and staying loyal to the constitution than Roberts.

The long ad did strike me as a bit amateur, though, in that they included a uniformed postal worker and postal truck. The USPS lawyers won’t let that stand.

If Obama had a cousin he would look like Milton Wolf.

Baracula’s MUCH smarter and more honest cousin.

I’d vote for him if I lived in the right place. And I might send him some money.

Dr. Wolf is a constitutional conservative who isn’t afraid to speak up when something doesn’t pass the smell test…even from his own party. Dr. Wolf believes that the Republican Party is the best chance at getting our country back on track. But he also recognizes that the big spending, big brother, establishment conservatism of the last decade has to go if we are to accomplish a return to prosperity.

My name is Blake Branson and I’m a grassroots liberty organizer and activist in Wichita, Kansas. Having met and talked at length with Dr. Wolf several times now, we need Dr. Wolf in the Senate and he has my support.

As I see it we have been on the same declining path for many years. Roberts has been there a good portion of those years as have many others. One might refer to them as a Professional Politician?

What is being done to slow our debt growth? A few days ago they pass another Continuing Resolution and call it a Budget. In simple terms, a CR does not require review and additional spending (pork barrel projects) can be easily added on without question. The vote is done at the last minute, so passing it to find out later what is in it has become normal for the past six or so years. Have you heard anyone complain? Have you checked to see how many times Roberts has voted yes? Healthcare is another pass it to see what is in it and I am sure there are more multi thousand page bills that no one will read,just around the corner!! No, not any Republicans voted for ObamaCare, but they were there and since it passed have only offered many symbolic votes to show us they care. How many have dropped their Federal Health Insurance and took up ONLY ObamaCare so they could tell us they had signed up, Really?? More symbolism as I see it, yet WE have no choice, no matter the cost or damage to OUR personal lives while they pick and choose what benefits them best!! As I see it, the ONLY possible way to change it, if you don’t like it and don’t want more of it, is to change those doing it. Thus I am supporting Milton Wolf, a new voice, new ideas, new determination, new enthusiasm and new solutions. HE lives in Kansas and understands Kansan’s. He has an agriculture background and the morals and ethics that come with growing up on a farm. He understands not only healthcare but the importance of agriculture for Kansas. He also believes greatly in the Constitution and that Congress and the Administration should be following it!!
By the way, where is our representation on the Senate Ag Committee? Yet another reason to support Milton Wolf, as I see it. One last thing, Milton Wolf lives in Kansas while Pat Roberts lives in Washington D.C. and has for nearly 40 years. Who can best represent our Kansas values?

buckeyeminuteman | January 22, 2014 at 1:11 pm

A conservative and not a career politician, sounds awesome! However, how can someone who is related to Barry be conservative? I’m trying to wrap my head around that one.

The Wolf is at the door, Pat. If you don’t let ’em in, he’ll huff and he’ll puff and … you know the rest.

Kansas needs fewer career politicians and requires representation of, by and for the People who are in touch with the common people who live and work in Kansas. The group I co-founded, Kansans for Constitutional Government, was the first grassroots group of “common folks” to endorse Dr Milton Wolf for Senate. Why? Milton understands that Government was never intended to be at the beck and call of the elitists in Business, but of, for and by the PEOPLE. Milton is one of us, and he understands that the Senate job is not a career, but of service to his country. After our group held a lengthy interview with him, we discussed how each of us felt compelled by his honesty, each of his stated Conservative principles and his fire and drive to clean up the Kansas Senate. Because he has pledged no more than two terms, we feel that we can trust that he will serve the good people of Kansas well. Dr Milton Wolf has my and my entire Kansas family’s votes for KS Senate.

@buckeyeminuteman: I have leftists in my family just like Milton does…mine are first cousins, actually! Never for a second stopped me from my work in Conservative politics nor influenced my views to their side. If you research Dr. Wolf’s years of writings, you will see that he has been consistant with Conservatism even when he confronted Obama over Obamacare.

I’ve read Dr. Milton Wolf’s column for years in WasHington Times. He’s an authentic conservative by that metric. Don’t know what he is like personally. I suspect he’s got an uphill climb against Pat Roberts, but who knows what the sentiment will be like in November? Could be a wave election; could be Wolf is just an extraordinary candidate; could be a skeleton in Roberts closet; could be Rove’s flying monkeys inflict a thousand cuts on Wolf.