Sisyphus got into Amherst, cool!

Keep pushing:

Like pushing a boulder downhill, these days:

I swear, this looks like a young …

Hey, at least this didn’t happen back in the day:

The only one of his grades we actually to see:

Ich bin ein Obamaphile:

How’s that Obama working out for ya?

Remember: hot = global warming, so does cold:

Outlaw Campus:

Answer: Get a real job:

The upside:

Follow up Answer: Gubmint is not a real job:

How’s the working out in retail?

Someone oughta sue for discrimination:

Oh, shut up:

Have you read his book?

War, what is it good for? (hint – division championship)

Law School, what is it good for (sorry, no hints):

The story that just keeps giving:

It’s hard to out-parody the real thing:

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