Based on reporting from the Florida Times-Union, it appears that Circuit Court Judge James Daniel has determined that it was the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that is responsible for this past week’s kerfuffle over the  relaxed enforcement of Marissa Alexander’s home detention.

In a column updated today journalist Larry Hannan reports:

Correctional service counselor [CPC] April Wilson, the Sheriff’s Office civilian employee assigned to the case, confirmed Friday that she approved every trip Alexander took. Wilson also said she believed Daniel’s order gave her the leeway to do that, a point the judge angrily disagreed with Friday.

“If I’d wanted to give you the authority and discretion to do this, I would have done so,” Daniel said.

Wilson, who appeared near tears at the end of her testimony, said this has never happened to her before in the 18 years she’s done this job.She told Daniel she now understood the order was more restrictive than she thought.

[Sheriff Department] Spokeswoman Lauri-Ellen Smith said an investigation was occurring into Wilson’s conduct.

As previously reported here at Legal Insurrection, Marissa Alexander remains free on bail pending her March 31 re-trial on three charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, following her firing of a shot at her husband and his two minor children.

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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