RIP, The Professor:

Because real life professors could not live up to The Professor:

Nasty guy:

Don’t rub it in:

Can’t we be angry at both? Why must we choose?

Hope at last, hope at last, thank God almighty, there’s hope at last:

Because he’s done so well with Obamacare:

This should work, almost as well as British dentistry:

This should work, almost as well as British dentistry, too:

What about weed? Don’t tell me they banned the weed:

Oh, they can ban free speech, just don’t ban the weed:

Where were these college prep courses when I was a kid?

Bet these kids started early:

They taught to the test:

No one expects the MLK Day anti-Republican Tirade:

(We have some work to do here):

You go, guy:

Got an “A” in Thug 101:

Resistance is futile:

Oh, shut up:


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