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Jobs Report in Videos, Vine and Music

Jobs Report in Videos, Vine and Music

I’m your captain, I’m your captain, Though I’m feeling mighty sick.

We’re leaning forward, but not going anywhere.

(video h/t Hot Air)

Just treading water.

(video h/t Hot Air)

(Metaphor Alert)

There’s a song for this:


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In 0’s world, “I’m your Captain” is replaced with ‘I’m your King”.

Who’s paying for Obamacare bailout or the next Democratic Senator Seat if people are leaving the job market?

My guess: J.P. Morgan and all the big banks being fined for doing what the gov’t told them to do under the SEC’s watchful eye.

There is a mode of killing called “Burking”, after its leading practitioners, Burke and Hare.

You basically asphyxiate your victim by putting a burden on their chest.

Obama has been doing that for years now, and will continue unless made to stop. Uncertainty is a killer in business formation and expansion, and Obamanomics spins off uncertainty like a cotton candy machine in a Steven King haunted carnival.

It can’t get better, and it won’t get better.