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White House to release task force report on NSA surveillance (UPDATED: report added)

White House to release task force report on NSA surveillance (UPDATED: report added)

The White House is expected to release a task force report of recommended changes to National Security Agency surveillance policies this afternoon, earlier than initially planned.

From CNN:

An independent assessment of National Security Agency surveillance ordered by President Barack Obama following classified leaks by Edward Snowden will be released Wednesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

The review was submitted last week by an outside panel, but Carney said news reports about its recommendations were “inaccurate” so the White House has decided to release the conclusions now rather than in January as previously planned.

The report is part of an overall review of U.S. intelligence gathering that is “a fairly broad assessment,” Carney said.

Asked about responding to security threats, Carney said that whatever changes may result from the review process, “we will not harm our ability to face those threats.”

“We need to make sure we’re not gathering intelligence solely because we can, but because we must,” Carney said.

According to USA Today and other news reports, Obama met earlier Wednesday with members of the group, called the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said that Obama would speak about the report in January, according to Politico.

UPDATED 4:20pm ET:

Report is available here.

Embed from the Washington Post below.

NSA review board’s report


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BannedbytheGuardian | December 18, 2013 at 2:54 pm

I look forward to the post Orwellian syntax.. What words & especially phrases have they found to impose ?

I wish somebody would shove a dry sock into spokesliar Carney’s mouth.

Collecting a vast database on Americans is not legal. There is no difference from collecting data or spying. Collection of data is what spying is.

We favor a newly chartered, strengthened, independent Civil Liberties and Privacy Protection Board (CLPP Board) to replace the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB). The CLPP Board should have broad authority to review government activity relating to foreign intelligence and counterterrorism whenever that activity has implications for civil liberties and privacy. A Special Assistant to the President for Privacy should also be designated, serving in both the Office of Management and Budget and the National Security Staff.
I stopped at this part, no sense going any further.
almost stopped at the non-us section but kept going.
hey, if non-us then I WANT the agencies doing their jobs.
you want constitutional protections become a citizen. if not, deal with it.
I figured susstein would try to add more gof jobs here. yup.
waste of paper as it were.

In a free society, public officials should never engage in surveillance in order to punish their political enemies; to restrict freedom of
speech or religion; to suppress legitimate criticism and dissent; to help their
preferred companies or industries; to provide domestic companies with an unfair competitive advantage; or to benefit or burden members of groups
defined in terms of religion, ethnicity, race, and gender.
hypocrites. all of them.
sunstein especially must have laughed when readign that.