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Walk of Shame


Welfare recipient and or illegal alien.

ScottTheEngineer | December 11, 2013 at 7:59 am

that will be coming off once they find out its racist.

If your Obama sticker makes you a dumbass – Lord only knows what kind of knuckledragging, mouth breathing, handout grabbing, brain damaged liberal drives that a vehicle with an ObamaCARE sticker! Saints preserve us!

Seeing that the vehicle is parked in a handicapped spot I would say that it’s a welfare recipient.

A teacher at my son’s middle school has that sticker on his car. Ironic because, as a county employee, he has a ‘Cadillac’ plan and is, for the time being, insulated from Obamacare.

Oh give the person a break!

The bumper sticker was the most affordable plan of all the options on

“I Obamacare” translates as “I am a leftwing ideologue” who care more about ideology than about the effects of my preferred policies. In other words, “I am a typical progressive.”

It just needs an addition: “This is an old sticker.”

Too bad for the driver of that car. Unrequited love is a tough thing.

I saw my first Hillary 2016 bumper sticker. No camera with me. It was on the back of a truck that cut out in front of me, nearly causing an accident. Typical lefty attitude…damn the consequences, me first. We live in a town of 3500, so I didn’t expect to see one locally this soon.

I bet within a short distance is a state hospital.

Most of the people I know who favor Obamacare have no interaction with it. They’re in Medicare or have solid corporate plans or whatnot. I tell them that they just get screwed later, but they won’t believe it. Just like young folks and the self-employed didn’t believe what hit them, either.

Yeah, I saw one of those things here in Eugene the other day. Same comment as Pettifogger. But, you expect this kind of stuff here in Moscow on the Willamette.

Pikesville has a large Jewish population and many are bleeding heart Liberals/Progressives so this doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s not a shot at Jews living in Pikesville, just a common trait I’ve noticed when I go to their homes or shop in the area.