The big are getting bigger, and better.

Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy was sold to Salem Communications, which owns Hot Air and Townhall.  Congratulations Michelle for a briliant idea, brilliantly executed.

Now, according to Buzzfeed, Salem also will be acquiring Eagle Publishing, which owns Red State and Human Events:

Salem Communications, the Christian radio conglomerate and owners of, and recent acquisition Twitchy, will buy Eagle Publishing on Jan. 15, BuzzFeed has learned.

Eagle Publishing owns RedState, Human Events and Regnery Publishing, a publisher of conservative books. With the acquisition, Salem Communications will operate a block of five major properties in the conservative media landscape.

Eagle told employees last week that Salem would acquire the company, Politico reported, but would not confirm a deal.

Sources close to the deal tell BuzzFeed that 90% of the Eagle staff will be retained, but “virtually all” of the upper management will be let go to avoid redundancy. Sources say spirits at Eagle remain high, however, because of the high retention levels.

Mark Levin thinks this is a good thing:

I agree that powerful conservative media is needed.

But is there a place for us in this new conservative media world dominated by such giants?

Somewhere, somehow, we’ll find a new way of living.

(Psst – still looking to add another lead author/researcher/muckraker to LI, you know how to reach me.)


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