Guilty until proven innocent, if they even let you prove your innocence:

Where in America do we have quasi-judicial proceedings rivaling those of the English Star Chamber or Spanish Inquisition of the 16th century, in terms of lack of fairness and due process? In the student judiciary systems of many universities.

Might be related to the culture of intimidation:

Candidates for the Kangaroo Court:

Not candidate for Kangaroo Court:

Every now and then a victim escapes the trap:

American Studies Association Israel boycotters could not be reached for comment by Zionist controlled media:

They can’t handle the truth:

Finals week:

For the bubble it is a-burstin’:

Don’t get mad kids, get even:

Math is hard, and so are all the other subjects:

What we need is more money for diversity studies:

Flag equality is a human right:

Stupid kid tricks:

An infringement of academic freedom:

I demand an end to good-lookist domination:


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