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If you lead, we will follow


Reason says COEXIST will never then happen as long as Mohammed has to go first, ask the Jews of Mecca, or was it Medina?

BTW, when will Israel demand the return of Saudi Arabia, sans Muslims, of course!

Notice that the bumper sticker is Scotch taped on. Please tell me this lib didn’t know there’s a peel-off backing?

Frankly, I don’t see how Mohammed had much time to do anything …. seeing that he had somewhere between 11 and 13 wives, and his youngest wife [at consummation] was 9. Talk about robbing the cradle …. I think it was from Islam where the term ‘trophy bride’ originated. Uh oh …. I better keep my doors locked now and lower the blinds. I’m in deep doo doo.

Islamists are willing to coexist so long as all others are subservient to them.