Upworthy is the wildly popular low-information-by-design website which has fine-tuned the ability to turn 2-3 sentence (at most) liberal memes viral. 

Often, the meme consists entirely of the title, with some seemingly obvious liberal talking point that is only superficially obvious, but actually cannot withstand scrutiny. Which is why no scrutiny is given in the posts.

You may recall my posts:

Upworthy has turned a section of its website over the the AFL-CIO, presumably for a hefty payment.  The section is called Workonomics.

This post and the video have been around for a while, but just came to my attention, 2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally; See What Happens Next.  There is no text after that, just a note to watch starting at the 1:34 mark.

Spoiler Alert:  One monkey gets grapes after giving lab technician a rock, other monkey gets slices of cucumber.  Monkey which gets cucumbers is jealous and throws cucumber at lab technician.  Therefore?

Given the Upworthy audience, no more need be said. Monkey which gets paid cucumbers instead of grapes is cheated just like workers who don’t get “equal pay for equal work” right?  So simple.

Well, it’s simple if you think workers are monkeys, and are in cages where they have no choices in life.  Which apparently is what the AFL-CIO thinks.

Maybe monkeys just prefer grapes, and it’s no deeper than that.

It’s a funny video, for sure. But it made the AFL-CIO look like the monkey.


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