In an interview airing now on Lebanese OTV television, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah discusses the Iranian nuclear deal (summary translation via NOW Lebanon):

The Iran nuclear deal has significant repercussions.

The region’s peoples are the biggest winners from this deal because regional and international forces have been pushing for war with Iran which would have had dangerous repercussions in the region.

The deal pushed off the [potential Israeli and US] war [against Iran].

Israel cannot possibly bomb nuclear facilities without the US’ green light.

Monopoly of power is no longer present.

All American wars have failed.

John Kerry made it clear that the US does not want more wars.

The US and Europe have failed in the region.

It is unlikely that normalization will take place.

Iranians wanted to reassure the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

[interview in progress, check link for more]

More translation at Naharnet:

Nasrallah: According to the information I have, the Americans wanted to discuss other issues with Iran, and throughout history, the U.S. has always tried to discuss all issues as one package but the Iranians have always preferred to discuss one dossier at a time.

Nasrallah: According to the information I have, the Iranians are the ones who insisted on postponing talks with the Americans on any other point other than the nuclear issue.

(featured image source: Legal Insurrection)