Some end of year lists:

In a college world of Kangaroo courts and a War on Men, this is good advice, bros:

Stop the intimidation:

Isn’t that what Obama said about his half-brother said?

You did know that there’s proof of this, don’t you?

Eliminate the Social Sciences:

The only good infection is no infection:

Your children are in the best of hands:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Knowing where to draw the line:

Nothing was stolen and no one was hurt in the making of this Flash Mob (unlike this one):

The answer to the question no one was asking:

The solution in search of a problem:

Post Title of the Week (from Aleister)

Obviously you hate blacks:

How green is your valley?

Cheap, easy money ain’t a free lunch:

Wait a second, didn’t they do this already?

Mushy Middle never works, see Presidents Dole, McCain and Romney:


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