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Crying Uncle

Crying Uncle

I admit to not having followed the Obama illegal alien uncle saga very carefully.

He previously said he knew nothing about his then illegal alien uncle.

Now he says he knows something after the uncle gave up the goods at a recent immigration hearing.

The Boston Globe reports (video at bottom of post):

President Obama acknowledged on Thursday that he lived with his Kenyan uncle for a brief period in the 1980s while preparing to attend Harvard Law School, contradicting a statement more than a year ago that the White House had no record of the two ever meeting.

Their relationship came into question on Tuesday at the deportation hearing of his uncle, Onyango Obama, in Boston immigration court. His uncle had lived in the United States illegally since the 1970s and revealed in testimony for the first time that his famous nephew had stayed at his Cambridge apartment for about three weeks. At the time, Onyango Obama was here illegally and fighting deportation.

Roger Simon at PJ Media (via Instapundit) asks, What if It’s All True? (emphasis mine):

I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist….

Maybe it’s the temper of the times, however, the incessant presidential lying recently unmasked, but a brief Washington Post article linked on the Drudge Report Tuesday caught me up short. The headline told much of the story — “Obama’s uncle contradicts White House, says Obama stayed with him in 1980s.” ….

Now, as a devotee of the aforementioned William of Ockham (“the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected”), I tend to believe, in fact I almost certainly believe, Obama’s father’s brother and his landlord, not the president. It makes little sense that Obama as a young Harvard grad student would not at least have looked up his father’s brother, when they were living in the same town for three years. Indeed, it makes good sense that he might have crashed on Omar’s couch for a few days or weeks while looking for an apartment. Many, if not most, of us have done something similar….

Around Obama there is an unprecedented silence, almost a media omertà.  So much remains unknown about this man, although we do know, through the debate surrounding David Maraniss’s failed and tentative biography, that the president lied about his personal history on multiple occasions in his autobiography Dreams from My Father.

Of course, Bill Ayers — the semi-retired terrorist — has claimed on similarly multiple occasions that he was the true author of Dreams, which would make it a lie about a lie about a lie or something like that. The permutations of this are mindboggling.

At this point, the lies are piling onto lies, the Millennials are fleeing, core Hispanic and Non-White support is cliff diving, and it’s Democrats in Congress who are crying Uncle.

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Guy is a pathological liar.

Impeach the lying liar!

assemblerhead | December 6, 2013 at 7:56 am

The Dimocrats will not impeach their certifiable pathological liar. They know he will do everything possible to take them with him. He is that vindictive.

Don’t forget, King Barry has total access to all the NSA’s blackmail archives. Another reason for the Dimocrats not to cooperate with impeachment.

Lying is a Democrat talent. Obama’s problem is he’s a stupid liar. He tells lies that look and sound like lies because he believes his own BS, so that he also believes that we are as stupid as he believes we are. He’s still telling the lie that Obama is his father. One day, he’ll come clean and own up to Frank Marshall Davis.

Contrast the treatment of Onyango with the treatment of the Romike family and then tell me the rule of law still applies in America.

    PersonFromPorlock in reply to snopercod. | December 6, 2013 at 11:25 am

    It’s OK under the Constitution’s Connected People Clause.

    2nd Ammendment Mother in reply to snopercod. | December 6, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    I found the irony in this comment:
    “But Shapiro said Onyango Obama was eligible for a green card under federal immigration law because he arrived in America before 1972 and had displayed “good moral character.” The judge said the 69-year-old paid taxes, volunteered in the community, and was a “kind and decent” person.”
    via Boston Globe

If the little puppet emperor were ever to play the role of Pinocchio, his nose would extend from coast to coast…

NC Mountain Girl | December 6, 2013 at 8:54 am

Obama grew up changing identities to obtain short term advantage and has ever since worried it might come back to haunt him. Consider how the exotic Kenyan connection helped him stand out at Harvard and in Chicago’s Hyde Park. It also gave him a book to impress the wanna be liberal intellectuals. The connection is a problem, however, because most of the flesh and blood Kenyan relatives are big time losers he doesn’t really want to be identified with. If somebody cornered Obama on the issue, in true narcissist fashion he’d claim his kin all let him down by failing to live up to his own awesomeness.

“Of course, Bill Ayers — the semi-retired terrorist — has claimed on similarly multiple occasions that he was the true author of Dreams,”

Ayer’s was being sarcastic when he said that and probably engaged in more than a little right baiting. I believe he wrote or heavily edited dreams but he hasn’t come out and honestly claimed to have been it’s ghost writer. yet.

nah, birthers are crazy.
just ask anyone, including conservatives.
no way an unvetted candidate could have gotten on the ticket by 1 dnc worker(pelosi) filing in 1 state (HI)a candidate form not containing the eligibility statement.

Jonah Goldberg wrote recently that Obama is not just a narcissist, but a victim of (or steaming pile of) hubris, which he found to be distinguishable and a whole lot worse.

I agree. As I understood his argument, Obama eschews reality. There is a lot about post-modernism and other crap he was taught that would prepare him to be JUST that delusional.

In this day and age, when there are incredible amounts of information available to those who care to look, it boggles my mind that all of these details about this man’s life were not being reported by 2008.

I think of Gary Hart’s derailed presidential campaign, and I wonder how we ironically actually came into the disinformation age.

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to janitor. | December 6, 2013 at 10:09 am

    With Gary Hart it may have been that he had literally had screwed part of the press corps. When the late columnist Mike Royko, who was a well known womanizer himself, eviscerated Hart he felt he owed readers an explanation. It turned out Hart had done a love them and leave them act on one of Royko’s friends. Hart sent flowers, made many late night you’re the greatest, how did I ever live without you phone calls. Then after the exotic romantic weekend Hart treated Royko’s colleague like dirt, not even answering her phone calls. Others in the press also knew women Hart had done this to, so when Hart foolishly taunted the press corps to follow him and see for themselves, they pounced.

Uncle Alien could have and should have been dealt with long ago. How hard could it have been for dear uncle to have received a privately funded upgrade to voluntarily exit the country to a milder climate with beach accommodations? One with far fewer cameras and microphones? The man should have disappeared from the immigration system the day after Obama received his first nomination. This is Political Housekeeping 101. The people running this country are just hopeless dumbasses.

Now that we know he lived with his uncle while attending Harvard will we find out if he attended Columbia and where he lived while doing so?

Poor Obama: poor president, poor administrator, poor community organizer. Spectacularly good liar!

btw, Lee Hessel’s CRY UNCLE! looks like an awesome movie. Is it on Netflix instant yet?

I, for one, am shocked that Saint Barry the Provider fessed-up to the lie! Who are you gonna believe, the drunken illegal uncle or King Barry the Nobel Prize Laureate? Turns out ….!

If his uncle comes out with “Obama Beer,” the Obama-Carter parallel will be absolutely complete.

BannedbytheGuardian | December 6, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Auntie obongo uncle obangu – could someone do a DNA test? It would not be hard to get a sample .

Getting one from Obama would be tricky but the girls go away to resorts . Someone could swoop on their spoon..

Are there no Dashiell Hammetts out there anymore?

BannedbytheGuardian | December 6, 2013 at 5:02 pm

Just looking a the Obama girls one definitely looks like mrs Robinson. The other one used to look like Obama but not so much now. It used to be like the Dunham loooong oval face now there is a jutting jaw & forehead.

Try as I might I can’t connect them to Obama Snr or his brother .

There are about another 700 of his relatives in America so I could find some similarities there I guess.