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All he is saying

All he is saying

From frequent photographer Ulises:

The sticker on top say “You can give peace a chance, we’ll cover you if it doesn’t work out”. For some reason this sticker does not come out really well in pictures, but here it goes.

Now, the one on the bottom is really short and to the point. We miss him and we need him…

Bumper Sticker - Maryland - Reagan


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I miss Reagan, but then I already miss Mitt! Really, we are going to need not a Reagan, but a Coolidge. There are some parallels between Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama when it comes to pushing/forcing the Progressive agenda. Silent Cal actually ripped out many of the programs by the roots, shrinking government and the budget is significant amounts. The results were the Roaring Twenties, until much like the late 2000’s people first panicked, and then let the Progressives back in.