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Aleister’s Top 10 College Insurrection Posts of 2013

Aleister’s Top 10 College Insurrection Posts of 2013

Like my esteemed colleague Leslie Eastman, I wanted to take an opportunity to highlight some favorite posts from the last year.

1. 15 Conservatives You Wish Had Spoken At Your College Graduation I wrote this around graduation season last spring when I noticed the lack of conservative speakers at graduation ceremonies.

Along those same lines…

2. In the future, everyone will be Valedictorian for 15 minutes Why stop at just one Valedictorian?

And who could forget all those forward thinking professors?

3. U Penn prof says racist Republicans oppose abortion to protect white supremacy

4. Prof claims Lincoln would have tried to stop climate change, like he did slavery

5. Progressives are now calling student loan debt racist and homophobic Is there anything progressives don’t find racist and homophobic?

6. Women at Arizona State protest for “Topless Rights” in rally organized by UFO religion I always dreamed of writing a headline like that.

7. Middlebury College Student Destroys 9/11 Memorial A stunning story to be sure. Luckily, the people involved were disciplined by the school.

Of course, it’s always fun to write a humorous headline…

8. College removes statue after naked students try to reproduce Miley Cyrus video

9. OOPS! College TA Emails T and A Pics to Class

10. College Holds Disability Studies Meeting, Doesn’t Provide Access for People with Disabilities

Let’s hear it for 2013 and a new year of stories to come.




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