A sobering day for those of us observing the GOP’s messages in the wake of Virginia and New Jersey elections.

The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial page provides all you need to know about how the establishment is posturing Christie for President, writing that he’s 1) not a moderate, but a conservative (!!) and 2) wins Democrat votes, unlike Cuccinelli. They don’t pass up a chance to take a dig at the Tea Party along the way.

How transparent, Wall Street Journal.

That’s why I launched the Capitol City Project this week; to shed light, without regard for party labels, on the connection between media, the political elites, lobbyists–and the staffers that run the show in our Capitol City DC.

We launched with the first in a series of profiles of those insiders whose caricatures grace the walls of The Palm, a steakhouse chain that is the center of power lunching in DC. Our first Palm profile: Terry McAuliffe, along with a story we dug up reporting on him shouting about porn across the table at The Palm where he held court years ago. A waiter at the restaurant told us, confirmed by the restaurant’s brochure, that you need 15,000 points spent ($1 = 1 point) to receive a caricature, or be famous.

The story of Chris Christie reveals exactly where our Republican Party insiders would like us to go. Observe those crowning him from the inside and you’ll see revealed a network that is more about power than principle. If the GOP can shed all its principles, just imagine how many Republicans we could get elected, they seem to say. It is a strategy concocted by those who seek to hold on to power, centralized in the Capitol City.

We at the Capitol City Project will be reporting on the entertaining, the sobering, the unbelievable, and the everyday stories that Americans need to hear.

You may be interested to learn that Chris Christie’s caricature is on the wall of The Palm restaurant in the Capitol City aka DC – -the same wall as McAuliffe and the Clintons.

More to come.

Chris Christie the Palm


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