Comedian Jack Vale is known for his hidden camera video pranks, which often capture reactions from unsuspecting participants.

In his latest, he performs an experiment of sorts to show us that strangers can actually learn a lot from what we post on social media about ourselves. And that sometimes, our online world can collide with our IRL (in real life) world.

The video opens:

“Hi, I’m Jack Vale, and I wanted to see how easy it would be to get personal information from complete strangers. And while I’m at it, of course, freak ‘em out a little bit.  Keep in mind when you watch this video, I got all of this information just by searching their personal social media posts, and I got it by searching for the closest Twitter, Instagram and other social media posts to my current location.  Let’s go!”

It’s rather amusing to see some of the reactions as Vale flags down people by name, and brings up their pet dogs and lizards, birthday celebrations, and what meals they had, among other mundane details.  Not surprisingly, it prompted gasps and exclamations like, “Wow, you are tripping me out right now.”

In the end, Vale reveals to his unsuspecting subjects that it’s all been a social media experiment…with video cameras.

Most took the experiment/prank in stride, although one seemed maybe not quite so understanding.

But the experiment actually brings to light a more serious point about what we reveal online through social media.  (For those who choose to use the feature, that could also include adding your location to your tweets).  Most don’t think about the fact that anyone can view the information and potentially use it for other purposes, while others simply aren’t concerned or bothered by it.

h/t Business Insider

(Featured image credit: YouTube video)


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