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The three G’s

The three G’s

From commenter Henry Hawkins:

Attached are photos of bumper stickers seen Tuesday, 11/05/13 on a van in Nashville, NC.

Keep up the very fine work!


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legacyrepublican | November 11, 2013 at 9:09 am

Guess the owner of this vehicle didn’t get the Democratic talking points this morning.

I’d make it the FOUR Gs…

The last being GUSTO.

Americans never were a dour people. We enjoy life, we love, work, and play hard. And we have always had a sense of humor and optimism. We need all four of the Gs.

Happy Veterans’ Day! And happy anniversary to the Devil Dogs.

Gods, Guns, and G…

Restated: Morality, Self-defense, and Evolutionary Fitness.

Yeah, you have to have guts to follow the narrow path.

As a teen, 30+ years ago, I saw the second sticker on a semi while we were driving across the country, but it was followed with, “Let’s keep all three!”

It has stuck with me ever since.

While the sentiment is very common in this rural area of eastern NC, public expressions of it are not. I’ve started to see more conservative themes on bumper stickers. Folks’re waking up for 2014.