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“Thanks, Suckers” Week at College Insurrection

“Thanks, Suckers” Week at College Insurrection

From Kurt Schlichter, “thanks, suckers”:

Tin Soldiers coming:

Hey Tin Soldiers, don’t lean forward:

[Pro tip: The two links above are what we call “click bait” in the industry.]

Freedom, Freedom, yeah, Freedom, Freedom, yeah, sometimes, I feel, like a freedomless child:

(Legal Insurrection’s coverage of the Brown shout-down here.)

War on Women:

We are No. 1, hey, We are No. 1, hey:

We are not No. 1, hey, We are not No. 1, hey:

Our rape-accusation culture:

Even while taking the bar exam?

From each according to one’s means … what could go wrong?

YAF Freedom Poster

Obviously Christophobia is running wild, where is the outrage?

All is not lost, all is not lost:

Remember Fordham?

Boys using the girls bathroom and showers is the next big fight:

She’s landed perfectly:

There is no justice in this peace:


This one’s for the girls, who’ve ever had a broken heart:

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Re: the “gay sex pundit” article. This kind of “instruction” has been going on in Massachusetts for high-school students and younger for over a decade. A radio talk-show host, Jeannine Graaf (sp?) lost her job for reporting on the original scandal. The man who recorded the original conference in 2000 was sued, but won. Nonetheless, it continues, supported by our tax dollars.

100 million post-birth deaths; over 300 million post-conception deaths; in less than 100 hundred years. It is a violation of our unalienable right to life committed on an unprecedented scale. Human lives are degraded to a commodity status from conception until their death. It’s a progressive morality.

Gender is subjective. Men and women are confused. Humans are Dodos. I wonder who is manipulating the evolutionary fitness levers.