From Kurt Schlichter, “thanks, suckers”:

Tin Soldiers coming:

Hey Tin Soldiers, don’t lean forward:

[Pro tip: The two links above are what we call “click bait” in the industry.]

Freedom, Freedom, yeah, Freedom, Freedom, yeah, sometimes, I feel, like a freedomless child:

(Legal Insurrection’s coverage of the Brown shout-down here.)

War on Women:

We are No. 1, hey, We are No. 1, hey:

We are not No. 1, hey, We are not No. 1, hey:

Our rape-accusation culture:

Even while taking the bar exam?

From each according to one’s means … what could go wrong?

YAF Freedom Poster

Obviously Christophobia is running wild, where is the outrage?

All is not lost, all is not lost:

Remember Fordham?

Boys using the girls bathroom and showers is the next big fight:

She’s landed perfectly:

There is no justice in this peace:


This one’s for the girls, who’ve ever had a broken heart:

(featured image source: YouTube)


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