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“Save the Big Red Bear’s Dudeness” Week at College Insurrection

“Save the Big Red Bear’s Dudeness” Week at College Insurrection

Save the Bear’s Dudeness, Dudes:

The Tigress Insurrection:

You had me at “cut Political Science” (throw in Gender Studies, and I’ll buy you lunch):

But save English Literature and Philosophy:

Will end like all gas bubbles end:

See what I mean:

So everything will be fine, right?

More like a wail:

And feminists are shouting “pig”:

But they are doing so well with The Affordable Clunkcare Act:

My guess not part of the shout down of Ray Kelly:

But not shouted down:

Occupy has a friend:

Possible false rape accusation, now possible false i.d. of accuser:

You know what’s scarier than both of these?

This would never be permitted at a Catholic school:

But this would:

Must be contagious:

What’s the answer? Tell me:

That’s it, I quit:


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Love the sense of humor, Wm.

CI is awesome. So much to read.
Common core is a disaster. Not just from the bigger picture, but at the granular level as well, even though Bill W says that is missing the point.
Another way of looking at this: What are the chances of getting rid of Rotten Core in the near term? Small. In the meantime, it is doing its day-by-day indoctrination and destruction. That may be different than the big picture, but it is a significant point.
We need fighting generals, and we need them soon.

A wise friend of mine…head of a department at TAMU…used to refer to “the thick of thin things”.

Which seems to be the focus of much on American campi these days.

A perhaps-predictable outgrowth of the brilliant success of our capitalist (semi) economy, we have children who are so insulated from reality (meat comes in nice neat plastic wrappers, and we have the Smithsonian in our cell phones) that they have the perverse luxury of perversions on which they focus.

And the ideal of the “Universe” in university is hatefully whittled down to a very few faddish notions…all else being not only unfashionable, but unspeakable. Literally.

From the link:

Betrearon Tezera ’14, facilitator of Direct Action to Stop Heterosexism, said LGBTQ-identifying students feel the burden of constantly having to think about what spaces on campus are safe.

“Constantly finding out, ‘Okay, am I going to be safe? am I going to be understood? …’ It’s incredibly taxing to think that way everyday, all the time,” Tezera said.

Solution: make everybody think that way all the time.

Here’s a crazy idea: in an organization or society, a small minority should gracefully accommodate itself to the majority culture. Tolerance, not accommodation, is incumbent on the majority.

    nordic_prince in reply to gs. | November 2, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Alternate solution: form a “Direct Action to Stop Homosexism” club.

    Sauce for the gander and all that. The Gaystapo is far more pervasive than any Fred Phelps clones.

Isn’t it amazing that the same people who worship Diversity demand such slavish Conformity?

University Art Student… There are other holes. Why stop with the anus? That is so uninspired. A real artist would open the belly button, or perhaps be a bit more creative.

I want to see a public abortion. The sacrificial rite was a grand spectacle before it was politically cleansed. The right to privacy has deprived people of participating in this retrograde ritual.

The Humanities as disciplines of serious scholarship are long dead. Oh, the roots live, and may once again thrive, but not in the desert that is today’s academy.

Those disciplines have been infected by the plague of leftist ideology and its attendant tools of “postmodernism” and “deconstruction” that eviscerate any meaningful study.

Let’s be clear: “studies” like “Gender,” “Ethnic” (as distinct from actual cultural study), and “Queer” are the stuff of political hacks, not scholars. Every single professor and assistant, every single major, and probably close to 90% of those even taking a single class in those fields are complete idiots worthy only of ridicule and ostracism by serious persons.

Reaping the benefits of a generation of progressive education! Forward, comrades!