Save the Bear’s Dudeness, Dudes:

The Tigress Insurrection:

You had me at “cut Political Science” (throw in Gender Studies, and I’ll buy you lunch):

But save English Literature and Philosophy:

Will end like all gas bubbles end:

See what I mean:

So everything will be fine, right?

More like a wail:

And feminists are shouting “pig”:

But they are doing so well with The Affordable Clunkcare Act:

My guess not part of the shout down of Ray Kelly:

But not shouted down:

Occupy has a friend:

Possible false rape accusation, now possible false i.d. of accuser:

You know what’s scarier than both of these?

This would never be permitted at a Catholic school:

But this would:

Must be contagious:

What’s the answer? Tell me:

That’s it, I quit:


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