I don’t think it’s overstatement to say that Obama successfully has isolated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by bringing the major world powers plus Germany into an Iran nuclear agreement publicly opposed by Netanyahu (and quietly by many Arab countries).

The perennial thorn in Obama’s Mideast side stands almost alone in publicly opposing the deal.  The agreement helps keep the Mullahs in power through removal of sanctions while normalizing Iranian uranium enrichment.  More than that, the statements accompanying the deal announcement treat Iran as the regional power to resolve a host of issues, including Syria.

In exchange, Iran agrees to slight compromises that push back the “breakout” period to produce a nuclear weapon by a few weeks or months at most.

Jeffrey Goldberg assesses Israel’s isolation, In Iran, Obama Achieves 50 Percent of His Goals:

U.S. President Barack Obama has had two overarching goals in the Iran crisis. The first was to stop the Iranian regime from gaining possession of a nuclear weapon. The second was to prevent Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

This weekend, the president achieved one of these goals. He boxed-in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so comprehensively that it’s unimaginable Israel will strike Iran in the foreseeable future. Netanyahu had his best chance to attack in 2010 and 2011, and he missed it. He came close but was swayed by Obama’s demand that he keep his planes parked. It would be a foolhardy act — one that could turn Israel into a true pariah state, and bring about the collapse of sanctions and possible war in the Middle East — if Israel were to attack Iran now, in the middle of negotiations.

I think it’s much broader than forestalling an Israeli attack.

It’s an isolation against doing anything to interfere with the agreement, as the British Foreign Minister has warned Netanyahu:

Israel should avoid taking any action that would undermine the interim nuclear agreement reached between Iran and world powers at the weekend, Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Monday.

Urging world leaders to give the interim deal a chance, Hague said it was important to try to understand those who opposed the agreement. But he urged Israel and others to confine their criticism to rhetoric.

“We would discourage anybody in the world, including Israel, from taking any steps that would undermine this agreement and we will make that very clear to all concerned,” Hague told parliament.

Hague added that he had not seen any sign that any country opposed to the agreement would try to disrupt it “in any practical way”. But he said Britain would be “on its guard”.

I wonder if that warning from Hague extends as well to the U.S. Congress, which if it imposed more forceful sanctions, would scuttle the deal.

So long as the Mullahs rule Iran and have uranium enrichment and ballistic missile programs, Israel faces the sword of Khamenei hanging over its head.  And now the sword of the P5+1.

If that were all, it would be bad enough.  But the isolation will extend to the other Israeli existential issue, territorial and other concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

John Kerry’s diplomatic frenzy has included not just neutralizing Israel over the Iran deal, but publicly slapping Israel over the Palestinian negotiations.

Kerry not too obtusely has referenced Israel’s potential international isolation if it doesn’t strike that deal.  Don’t think for a second that the template used to achieve the Iran deal will not be used to try to force a Palestinian deal on Israel.

The Palestinians already are calling for just such an international solution to be imposed on Israel:

Palestinian negotiators on Sunday praised the nuclear deal as a precedent in which the international community came together to solve a difficult issue. They said the major powers should do the same to try to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has festered for decades.

The prospects of a Mullah-ruled nuclear Iran perpetually on the cusp weaponization and a Palestinian state squeezing Israel into indefensible borders present Israel with unprecedented challenges.

And once again, Netanyahu will be isolated in objecting.

Just like Obama wanted.


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