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Micro-Aggression Week at College Insurrection

Micro-Aggression Week at College Insurrection

Legal Insurrection readers once micro-aggressively attacked me for writing “me and __“:

Probably Government majors:

See, told ya so:

I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Canada telephone directory, than the student body of Harvard University:

Ray Kelly could not be reached for comment:

Hate crimes:

Why do people hate Chris Rock?

Well, that’ll teach ’em not to do it again:

No one knows nothin’ these days:

Now if only they could protect students from other students:

Can’t they both lose?

College education sold, not bought:


Oh come on, they didn’t really mean it:

(Nazi Salutes at Al Quds University)(Image via Tom Gross)

(Nazi Salutes at Al Quds University)(Image via Mideast Dispatch/Tom Gross)

Teaching to the new federal ratings plan:

This is not sustainable:

Waaahhhh! … Wait, what?!


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Harvard issued this statement: Students we shall have Nunavut!

UCLA dudes, real men don’t wear earrings.

BRANDIES (oops) you shoulda’ thought about that BEFORE the “partnership”.

“•Binge Drinking Out of Control at UC Berkeley” Same thing at the University of Florida, back when.

So umm, if I copy and pasted “I can’t read cursive”, Ima’ racist with micro-aggressive tendencies or is that a micro-aggressive racist, period?

innocent bystander | November 23, 2013 at 8:27 am

Regarding: UCLA, corrections and micro-agression, I posted the following at the UCLA Daily Bruin online. (If I’d just posted it here, I think I’d have been preaching to the choir.)

I read this, and I think I can relate.

When I was a sophomore in college, about 35 years ago, I stayed up all night studying for a midterm in history. When I got to the test, I raced to put every single thing I knew into the bluebook. I figured that the TA would sort it out. The TA wrote, “This is by far the worst performance, in terms of spelling, that I’ve seen in X years of teaching.” I remember his words clearly and I can still see the pages of my bluebook with about a third of the words circled in red, indicating misspelling. I’d misspelled “Jesus,” though I’d spelled “Christ” correctly.

Was the TA being “aggressive”? Very, very likely, because otherwise he wouldn’t have spent so much time to circle so many words on so many pages just to say, “Learn to spell!” I’d certainly given him just cause to be angry. So, I went to his office hours and apologized abjectly. Ever since, I’ve used the spell checker whenever available, including for this post.

I don’t enjoy receiving criticism, but I try to understand its purpose. Somebody needs to explain this to the students complaining about being corrected.

Me and everbloddy knows the capital of Canada is Austin Texas.

“The rich man goes to college, the poor man goes to work”

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Uh Huh. | November 23, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Then, the one works on a fracking/perforating crew by day and learns to be an ASME Code welder at night school, while the other learns diversity and the politics of hydraulic despotism in ancient Indochina. The poor man now builds pipelines and high-rises, owns his own business and employs people, while the rich man lives in his mom’s basement, rails against “The 1%” on the Internet all day and helps elect a Community Organizer who will destroy the (formerly) poor man’s business and provide “Free ____ for all!”

Maybe Barry has micro-sympathy problems.

These students should be kicked out of their doctoral program. How does a person get to that level without having the necessary writing skills and command of language?

Come to think, I once knew a girl, a Dominicana, who had graduated from SGS at Columbia. She wrote as if English was her fifth language. Not a sentence in the whole mishmash.

    “Not a sentence in the whole mishmash.” Verb me, Juba.

    Sorry – I’m feeling micro-aggressive after raking leaves.

    Observer in reply to Juba Doobai!. | November 24, 2013 at 7:04 am

    How do they get to that level? The same way Barry Obama (Soetoro, whatever) obtained admission as a third-year student to Columbia University, after two years as a lackluster, dope-smoking slacker (by his own admission) at Occidental.

>>”I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Canada telephone directory, than the student body of Harvard University:”

I have two siblings with three Harvard degrees between them. I’d rather be governed by ANYBODY than Harvard graduates.

“Micro-Aggression” sounds like a nice euphemism for the knockout game.

I grew up with a father who was macro-aggressive about grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

I also had to work seven days a week for him in the family business while I attended UCLA. I didn’t know the meaning of “free time,” and making excuses was not an option. I don’t remember enjoying a single day in college.

How times have changed, and how spoiled kids have become.

And once again I am thankful that I’m not one day younger than I am.

This is a new world that I certainly do not fit into…

A glacially slow news day, eh?

They cannot see the diversity for the skin color. By rejecting individual dignity, their concept of diversity is racist, and generally prejudiced.

Um, wouldn’t it just be easier if they screened out the applicants who can’t spell or use proper grammar at the undergrad level?

I know, I know – I denounce myself.

Dis haz nothin ta do wit speling.

It haz everting ta do with powa.

@#$% ’em.

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