Legal Insurrection readers once micro-aggressively attacked me for writing “me and __“:

Probably Government majors:

See, told ya so:

I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Canada telephone directory, than the student body of Harvard University:

Ray Kelly could not be reached for comment:

Hate crimes:

Why do people hate Chris Rock?

Well, that’ll teach ’em not to do it again:

No one knows nothin’ these days:

Now if only they could protect students from other students:

Can’t they both lose?

College education sold, not bought:


Oh come on, they didn’t really mean it:

(Nazi Salutes at Al Quds University)(Image via Tom Gross)

(Nazi Salutes at Al Quds University)(Image via Mideast Dispatch/Tom Gross)

Teaching to the new federal ratings plan:

This is not sustainable:

Waaahhhh! … Wait, what?!


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