Wouldn’t want to exclude veterans of foreign armies from Veterans Day honors, now would we?

At least something is booming:

Just try it, go ahead, make my day:


Yes, really:

(Generation Opportunity U. Miami Tailgate)(via Buzzfeed)

(Generation Opportunity U. Miami Tailgate)(via Buzzfeed)

Quit pickin’ on Bis Sis:

“Some”?  Find out who’s against it:

No one could have seen this coming:

No place is safe:

Your next door neighbor, the double major in Gender Studies and Anthropology, can’t even screw in a light bulb:

Tell us how you really feel:

Big deal:

Math is hard:

Obviously racist:

So many choices, so little time:

OReilly Factor Least Sexy College


Oh My ***:

Queer is a gender?


Who would you want as your leader?

The End:


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