After a long bus ride from Cornell back to Virginia yesterday, I get the rare chance today to escape the campus lefties and spend some quality time with my family. And while it’s easy to fixate on scary things like the job market I’m about to enter after graduation, today in particular, I reflect on what a conservative college student has to be grateful for.

1) The Republicans control the house

Which is at least something.


2) Obamacare is self-imploding

Want to hear a funny joke?

3) The 22nd Amendment exists

Which means that thankfully, Obama is limited to two terms.

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

4) Even a place like Cornell has a few conservatives

I’m thankful for the conservative campus camaraderie at the Cornell Review and Network of Enlightened Women

5) Fewer than 12 months until the next election

Bring it on.

6) Another semester is almost over

Which means that it’s almost winter break! I can’t wait to spend Christmas with my family.

7) It’s finally appropriate to play Christmas music


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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