It’s broken windows theory, at a very personal level.

If you hang out with people who have zero respect for our laws and who think it is their right to mock us openly and dare us to deport them in accordance with law (knowing full well the political theater that would create), why are you so surprised that they secretly record your meeting and then use it to help their cause even if it embarrasses you?

Really, Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez from Illinois, why did you think there would be any honor from these people and that they wouldn’t break your window after breaking our immigration windows?

Via Fox Latino, Leading Pro-Immigrant Congressman Severs Ties With DREAMer Groups; Calls Them Manipulative, Racists:

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the vocal proponent in Congress for a change in policy that would give undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as minors a chance to legalize their status, has cut off ties with two groups that have coordinated provocative protests in recent months.

Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, on Monday evening issued a press release announcing that he was no longer going to work with the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) and their affiliated advocates at

The congressman said the final straw in a series of actions by the groups that he has found unsettling was the secret recording by a NIYA representative of what was to have been a confidential discussion last week between Gutierrez and parents of immigrants who are being held in an immigrant detention center in El Paso, Tex.

“It just shows me how dangerous they are,” Gutierrez said in an interview Tuesday with Fox News Latino….

As to the racism part, you have enabled that too.

Anti-white rhetoric is par for the course among the most ardent open borders agitators.

In fact, playing on race is part of the strategy of demonizing as racists anyone who is for enforcement of race-neutral immigration laws.  

The racism charge is one of the reasons the word “illegal” has been banned by most major publications from the discussion.

You ignored those broken windows, so don’t act like you’re just figuring that out now:

Gutierrez said the leader of NIYA, Mohammad Abdollahi, who was born in Iran and raised in Michigan, has expressed racist [anti-white] views on the Internet, and bragged about how hard it would be for the United States to deport a gay person to Iran.

Gutierrez said it bothers him that someone who feels no fear of deportation is organizing people who are subject to immigration enforcement for risky encounters with U.S. border officials.

No matter what the headlines say, amnesty is not dead.  There are more windows to be broken.


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