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Brown U. faculty supporter of anti-Ray Kelly protest also anti-Israel zealot

Brown U. faculty supporter of anti-Ray Kelly protest also anti-Israel zealot

I have been following various faculty reactions to the Ray Kelly shout-down, including from Political Science Professor Marion Orr who apologized for inviting Kelly, and Biology Professor Ken Miller who issued a forceful denunciation of the shout-down.

So when I saw an article in The Brown Daily Herald about a faculty panel discussing stop-and-frisk in light of the Kelly shout-down, it was only natural that I would look into the panel members who were cited as being supportive of the protesters.

I reached out to Stefano Bloch, a post-doctoral Mellon fellow, who was quoted in the article as being supportive of the shout-down. Bloch has a really interesting background in urban space studies, which led him to study policing practices. Bloch promptly returned my email, and we had a great conversation. He said that his statements were taken out of context (and [the article] incorrectly suggested he used an “expletive”), that he wanted to hear Kelly speak, and even had recommended it to the students in his crimes class.

I also reached out to panelist Linda Quiquivix, also a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow who teaches several classes at Brown, including related to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Quiquivix was quoted as follows:

The protestors’ action also received praise from panelist Linda Quiquivix, a postdoctoral fellow at the Cogut Center for the Humanities.

“We all recognize that the shutting down part was important because it wouldn’t have received as much publicity and as much news if it had just been a protest,” Quiquivix said….

“I got my most important political upbringing out on the streets,” Quiquivix said, urging audience members to reach out to the Providence community more frequently in order to understand social differences. She added that “a lot of learning” can happen beyond the College Hill “bubble” if students and faculty members are willing to engage with the broader community.

Quiquivix seemed pleased that not just Brown students protested Kelly, but that it was a community effort:

Non-Brown U community members played a huge role in this!

It was not entirely clear from Quiquivix’s public statements if she supported the shout-down, or just the protests.  There was no response to my email requesting that we discuss her views.  Also, no response to my second email.

I did some research, and found the most extraordinary column written by Quiquivix when she was a grad student in 2007 at UNC Chapel Hill.

The column made its way to James Taranto’s Best of the Web column, and elsewhere at the time.

The column is not available directly anymore, but it lives on in the Wayback Machine, Know this, future ex-boyfriends of mine:

Friends who know me weren’t surprised to learn that my Zionist boyfriend and I broke up last summer shortly after Israel began dropping bombs on Lebanese children. But the friends who really knew me were surprised to learn that I had even dated a Zionist to begin with.

In my defense, I thought he was just Jewish when it all began – a progressive one who was white but had tendencies for black supremacy. Politically, we aligned well, so I figured that he’d automatically agree with my stance on Israel-Palestine. (If you don’t already know: It’s Israel’s fault more than it is the Palestinians’ – don’t believe the hype.)

But my new progressive boyfriend, who was supposed to help me save the world, would stop short at any criticism of the Israeli government’s racist, oppressive policies. And what’s worse, he would sometimes defend them by saying things like that the land was up for grabs because the Palestinians never had an official state to begin with.

Man, you really think you know your white Jewish boyfriend with tendencies for black supremacy.

It quickly became obvious that, just the same, he didn’t know his brown girlfriend with tendencies for anarchism well either. It was probably the anarchism that threw him off the most. I mean, he knew I was brown.

I think. I’m pretty sure it came up in conversation at least once. Like when I told him about the time the Israeli airport police racially profiled me and asked me to strip down to my underwear.

But it’s very possible that “strip down to my underwear” was all he took away from that story.

I don’t see how people who don’t agree politically can date. This became clear last summer when Israel killed 16 children in Qana, the U.S. refused to call for a cease-fire, and the boyfriend acted as if these were war games where Israel had a right to defend itself. So every time Israel did something abominable I’d increasingly begin to hold him personally responsible.

It must have been difficult to date me. My apologies. But whatever. Politics take precedence over penis. (Know this, future ex-boyfriends of mine.)

Dating me, and all of the ideology that comes with the territory, was supposed to enlighten him, but I think it might have had the opposite effect. At times I thought he was coming around, but he’d go do stuff like hang the Israeli flag – and over his bed of all places.

I realize that to some the Israeli flag is a symbol of Jewish pride. But to others, that same flag is a symbol of a state’s oppression of and racism toward brown people.

Many Americans have trouble imagining the latter. We’ve been programmed to side with Israel. So let’s use a simile we’re all familiar with: the Confederate flag. To many Southerners, the flag is a symbol of Southern pride. But to the rest of us, that flag is a symbol of racism and slavery.

Interesting how flags can mean different things to different people. To me, all flags suck, especially the ones representing the most powerful states. This, of course, means you-know-who.

The American flag is like kryptonite to me. I refuse to wave it, and much less salute it. It represents a state which serves and protects only the interests of the powerful. Look no further than New Orleans, or Iraq, or any inner-city ghetto to see who our government is really working for.

And not working for.

It’s something all states are guilty of which infuriates me, hence, the anarchist tendencies. And I say “tendencies” because it’s something I struggle with. I have a disdain for states, so why do I still want the Palestinians to have one?

Still, until that day, I wave the Palestinian flag in solidarity. And will even let it fly over my bed. Know this, future ex-boyfriends of mine.

I’m still shaking my head.

Since then, Quiquivix does not appear to have softened her stand.  In 2008 Quiquivix came out in favor of an academic boycott of Israel:

I am 100% in favor of seriously considering an academic boycott, at the very least amongst geographers if not at our respective colleges and universities. Perhaps it can be done at the level of the AAG.

Boycotts have been gaining momentum in the past years, largely outside the U.S. (of course). An existing resource for this is the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine) which is largely modeled after the anti-apartheid boycott of South Africa.

How do we begin? I’m ready.

Linda Quiquivix
PhD Student
Department of Geography
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

She’s still anti-Zionist, regardless of her relationship status:

Zionism ended up oppressing not just Palestinians, not just Arabs, but so much of the world.

She’s very active in pro-Palestinian groups and presentations.

(Linda Quiquivix)

(Linda Quiquivix)

Her specialty is mapping the Israeli-Palestinian history, essentially reducing the Jewish connection to the land to a European colonial mapping by-product.  She calls it “The Cartographic Conquest of Palestine.”

She frequently appears at conferences to present her mapping view of the conflict, including at Right of Return conferences and frequently speaks on “forcing a right of return” utilizing her mapping analysis.  She also engages in comparisons of the U.S.-Mexico and Israeli borders.

UNC Students Palestine Linda Quiquivix talk poster

She also has written about Israeli military assistance to Mexico for the anti-Israeli Electronic Intifada, with whose controversial founder she frequently tweets and has appeared at conferences.

I would not be surprised to find more anti-Israeli activists within the student and community members who shouted down Kelly.  That’s a common BDS tactic on campuses, and goes along with the anti-Israel academic boycotts which are sprouting up around the country.


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I’d bet my bottom dollar she was not “racially profiled” in the least by the Israelis.

I bet she was the subject of a very complete file on her, and her hate-filled nonsense. I’d also be you’d have a hard time pulling out of a line-up of several Israeli women.

“Quiquivix seemed pleased that not just Brown students protested Kelly, but that it was a community effort:”

It takes a village to indoctrinate the children, and to enforce the planned societal norms, right? And then, if all goes according to plan, they get to round up the dissenters and send them to the re-education camps, or failing that, offer them a final solution.

Not at all surprising, particularly the antisemitism posing as anti-Zionism, so pronounced among fake, self-anointed prophets of social and racial justice.

Given her name she sounds ok for a quickie but I’s wipe my penis clean with alcohol afterwards.

On the other hand If it were in her mouth she wouldn’t be talking too much nonsense now, would she?

As a geography grad student years ago, I learned a bit about mapping and took a number of cartography and GIS and remote sensing classes.

We don’t need no stinking maps.

A Venn diagram is in order.

One circle is Anger. One circle is Self-righteousness. One circle is Mob mentality.

The intersection of the three circles is Quiquivix and her leftist faculty lounge ilk.

There is another circle.

It’s the circle of Sanity. It’s bouncing away from them.

This is a schematic of a brain on anti-Semitism.

Know this, future boyfriends of Quiquivix:

Dudes, you can’t seriously be that hard up for a chick.

I mean, dude, you might as well put a post-it saying, “I’m desperate!” on your forehead, and another saying “I’m a loser” on your own back. Duuuuuuudes, come on!

Chuckin Houston | November 3, 2013 at 10:10 pm

What is all this ‘brown people’ nonsense? She looks like a white girl with a ‘Mediterranean complexion.’ I grew up in a town in the Northeast that was about 1/3 Italian-American and at least half of them were darker than her.

    If she is brown then she is free of white guilt.

    LukeHandCool in reply to Chuckin Houston. | November 3, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    @Chuckin Houston.

    “What is all this ‘brown people’ nonsense?”

    Here, Chuck. I call this, “Mapping Brownness”:

    MouseTheLuckyDog in reply to Chuckin Houston. | November 4, 2013 at 12:38 am

    It’s called Elizabeth Warren complex.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Chuckin Houston. | November 4, 2013 at 12:41 am

    I have an Israeli friend, family originally from Yemen, who is way darker than she is.

      Plenty of Yemenite Jews darker than most African-Americans. For that matter, plenty of light-skinned Arabs.

      I would estimate about 40% of the Jewish population in Israel came here from the Middle East/Northern Africa. And, guess what? They’re a bit more right-wing than their post-European counterparts. Having lived among Arabs (and Persians) helps. So does a lack of “white guilt”.

      PS – Of course you can marry someone with different political views than yourself. My wife is pretty left-wing, although coming from DC, being pro-Israel is enough to make her practically a Conservative. (Oh, and she’s one of those European Colonialist Israeli Jews – African-American, to be specific), and WAY darker than Miss Q.)

      PPS – I think you gave her too much of a platform.

Her name sounds like something out of Neal Stepehnson’s Baroque Cycle.

9thDistrictNeighbor | November 3, 2013 at 10:26 pm

I have difficulty imagining the level of maturity and strength of character an 18-year-old student would require at Brown (or, it seems, most any college or university) to resist being absolutely drawn into the abyss.

Thanksgiving is coming, with those tense and awkward dinner conversations with the freshmen returning home as newly minted leftists. Some parents will be proud; some will be mortified.

Brown’s Cogut Center for the Humanities keeps popping up whenever anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments appear at the school. I’ve asked in the past who, exactly, is funding this center, but can never get a straight response from the University. I suspect Saudi (or similar) money is flowing in from somewhere, carefully laundered.

As a Brown grad I’ve written them several times about this and other openly anti-Semitic activities on campus, but since I’m not a major donor (no gym with my name on it), I never get more than a token response about academic diversity. I don’t send them any money, and haven’t for years. I used to think I would be proud to send my son there, but now I know he can do much better elsewhere. | November 3, 2013 at 11:01 pm

Boy, her Jewish ex boyfriend sure as hell dodged a bullet.

BTW, if Arabs are brown, can Jews, the genetic cousins of Arabs, at least be beige? The Germans sure thought we were dark, swarthy and oversexed.

Palestinians are “brown people”?

I think Brown U. needs to change its name. It’s offensive to Brown People.

Sounds like she learned all her history from Hamas. Not much of a scholar.

She is plain and simply nuts. Worse yet, because she is post-doc, she will likely one day wind up teaching her ahistorical insanity to young empty heads.

“Politics take precedence over penis.”

Hearing this, the wealthy Marxist eunuch felt a sudden, well, endowment coming on.

If the Israelis can intermarry quicker with the Ethiopian Jews they will no longer be white and off the radar of the leftist enforcers.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to SunsetPaddy. | November 4, 2013 at 6:59 am

    They’d still be Israeli Jews, and unless they off themselves Quiquivit won’t be happy.

    There is a very heavy intermarriage rate (just going anectodally) between Jews from Europe and Jews from the Middle East. Of course, not all Mideasterners are particularly dark. One place that European Jews in Israel still predominate is in the Leftist power centers who unfortunately control so much of the country.

Her politics are all about exclusion and not embracing the ‘other’. She is a self-described hater and promoter of rancor and division. She does not seek or even provide peaceful resolutions or common ground solutions. She is agent of social devastation – destroy one group to promote another group – and very Stalin-like.

Her hatred of Israel is the same current that flows in the human heart that rejects God and those who represent Him – Jews and Christians.

The ‘intelligentsia’ of the Left is both myopic and self-aggrandizing as Quiquivix’s column reveals clearly. The Left desperately needs ‘reality-based’ diversity training that includes truth from outside themselves and their tight, tiny circle of…co-conspirators.

Quiquivix, you should seek peace and pursue that. And keep your legs crossed.

I had a bds movement this morning myself.

As I read Miss. Q’s little piece I was thinking, “She can always blame all that racist hatred on being young and stupid at the time.”

But it seems that as the “young” fades away, the “stupid” only grows and grows.

Watching the video and seeing all this mush for brains stand up at once, raise their right arms, and screech their socialist talking points, it reminded me of the Brown Shirts in Germany, Sig Heiling The Fuhrer or shouting down his opponents. Too bad nobody there had the cajones to stand up and call them the good little goose steppers that they are. Acting in the finest tradition of the National Socialist Party.