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Branco Cartoon – Background Checks “R” Not Us


Virtually every employer, large or small, requires some sort of background check. Only a thug ridden gang of Chicago politicos could forgo this common sense practice.

We got the government that “we” voted for…

Well at least the Obama administration is consistent.

DHS admitted it is not doing background checks on the hundreds of thousands of DREAM Act (by executive order) amnesty applicants either. (In response to an FOIA request, DHS said it lacked the personnel and money to perform the checks, but it has been approving the vast majority of amnesty applications anyway.)

But no reason to worry, folks. We can trust illegal aliens not to lie, because lying on an amnesty application would be against the law, and we all know how much illegal aliens respect our laws.

You have to be crazy to deal with ONE of the “navigator” criminals. Clearly, it’s much better to have your personal data stolen simultaneously by hundreds and hundreds of hackers who get it immediately and directly from the un-secure site.

Conservative Beaner | November 7, 2013 at 7:57 pm

What if you call and the person on the other end starts with heavy breathing and asks if there are any children at home, what are their ages? Are you single?

After visiting the website or calling you may need to take a shower to get the slime off.