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“Yes, Yes, Yes!” Week at College Insurrection

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” Week at College Insurrection

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Hah, Hah, Hah:

Wha, Wah, What?

All your girls’ bathrooms are belong to us:

And now we juxtapose:

I’ll have what they’re having:

Slate readers were not pleased with this promotion of “rape culture”:

Never heard of the place:

Reverend Jeremiah Wright and that commie guy could not be reached for comment:

I thought he already had done that:

Insurrectionist Youth Brigade:

Water is wet, water is wet!

If I read another one of these stories, I’m going to blow my top:

Makes perfect sense, to lunatics:

History belongs to those who write the history books, and Wikipedia:

The Great Harvard Hope:

When fascism comes to American, it will be:

The most overlooked minority:

Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth

We should have nuked them:

Rape, or crying rape?


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“We should have nuked them:
•Sonoma State U. Memorializes Victims of Japan’s Imperial Military Genocide”

Any time you find yourself in an argument with a leftist claiming dropping the bomb on Japan was unjustified/a war crime, etc., ask them this:

“Why do you hate other Asian people?”

Because upwards of 500,000 people in Asian countries were dying every month … every month … under Japanese occupation.

Besides our own war-weary GIs dreading the prospect of invading Japan, and countless innocent Japanese citizens, the bomb saved these people throughout Japanese-occupied Asia, too.