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White House doesn’t care if is ready, as long as it exists

White House doesn’t care if is ready, as long as it exists

One more brick in the Obamacare wall that makes it harder to repeal.

Many of today’s headlines are about the disaster known as

Correctly, people are wondering how the White House could turn the site live when it had not been properly designed and tested.  (More on that later from Mandy.)

The boondoggle is being portrayed as a major failure.  Which it is.

But readiness for prime time is no more a concern of the White House than it was when Obamacare originally was passed and no one in the White House or Democratic circles cared whether it was fully understood or functional as a law.

What matters to the White House is constructing a structure to Obamacare which, over time, becomes more difficult to repeal.

Even if projections the number of people signing up falls far short of goals and projections, there still will be people signed up who can be brought before television cameras and NY Times reporters for stories about how Republicans want to take away their health insurance. There will be far fewer television cameras and reporters interested in those who lost their prior full-time jobs, prior health insurance and can’t see their prior doctors because of Obamacare.

In the war of sob stories, Obamacare will win the media narrative every time. is part of that strategy.

What is important to The White House primarily is that Obamacare and exist, not that they work.


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“Can you think of anything in history of the web that was worse?”

Well, no. To screw up THIS big, you need BIG GOVERNMENT.

Also, a system budgeted for less than $100 million REPORTEDLY cost over six times that.

So, a bellwether for the ACTUAL costs of ObamaDoggle…???

    2nd Ammendment Mother in reply to Ragspierre. | October 10, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    Don’t forget the millions they’ve spent in advertising to create a positive product image that hasn’t worked either.

    Musson in reply to Ragspierre. | October 11, 2013 at 7:41 am

    Perhaps it was purposely allowed to be this bad?
    Employers have already dumped millions of employees from their insurance. Now, there is no where for them to go. Or, if you do get through you are looking at HUGE premium increases.

    If you tried to set up a scenario to generate sentiment for single payer you could not have done a better job.

theduchessofkitty | October 10, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Who wants to enter delicate info (and health info is quite delicate, as well as financial) into a web site with so many bugs in it? This is obviously a hackers’ wet dream. No individual worth his salt would be dumb enough to even get near it!

We shop at Amazon because their site is quite tested and secure. And I can assure you that the original site cost a whole lot less to build, test, debug and implement. We know it is safe because they spend their time and money making sure it is safe. That is the reason why Amazon took off and is still going strong.

Over $600 million dollars for a website. ?!?!? Who’s the idiot who pays that sum to build a web site? Only the Federal government.

I will not even touch that site. I will not even search for it. It’s a death trap, in every sense of the word.

2nd Ammendment Mother | October 10, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Just something I haven’t seen much discussion on:

What are the foreseeable outcomes when people sign up for one of these plans and then discover they don’t have the money to pay for the coverage? At some point, we’ve all been in situations where we have to choose which bills get paid and in what order.

My favorite scenario is that someone is in a accident and is sent to the ER for something simple like a broken arm. Between the ambulance ride and setting the arm, they incur a $2500 bill. Since their deductible is at least $5000, they will have to pay this expense out of pocket (just to get released). Which will leave them without enough cash to pay next months premium and keep a roof over their heads.

    PersonFromPorlock in reply to 2nd Ammendment Mother. | October 10, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    “At some point, we’ve all been in situations where we have to choose which bills get paid and in what order.”

    Well, since it’s a government program you can just put it on your credit card and then tell the issuer to increase your card limit. ;^)

    9thDistrictNeighbor in reply to 2nd Ammendment Mother. | October 10, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    How many people who sign up truly think that this is FREE? Free money, free doctor, free medicine,free hospital,free,free free.

    What are the foreseeable outcomes when people sign up for one of these plans and then discover they don’t have the money to pay for the coverage?

    The medical provider who gave you the services will almost certainly be on the hook. They’ll have to eat the loss. A friend who is a doctor is quite worried about this. Large CorpMed-type practices can handle no-collects without too much drama, they’ll just “spread the loss around”, but it will really hurt small practices and sole practitioners. She’s thinking of switching to a cash-only, no-insurance model. If you have insurance, you can submit her bill and a claim form to your insurer yourself, if you want reimbursement, but all patients would need to pay her office at the time of service.

100% right. Quality of performance, responsiveness to customer, promises kept, business ethics mean absolutely nothing to these people. They’re beside the point. The institutionalization is everything, the only thing. This is about capturing and grinding down people over decades.

    Ragspierre in reply to raven. | October 10, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Why do Collectivists LOVE monopoly…and ESPECIALLY compulsory monopoly…???

    Oh. Wait…

    jhn1 in reply to raven. | October 11, 2013 at 3:20 am

    The two major parts of PPACA somewhat overlooked are a not-so-insignificant part of why there will be nothing but absolute Victory for the “O” and his minions. Even if only over the smouldering wreckage of what used to be this country.

    1) tens of thousands of additional IRS agents, with no additional statutory protections than those demonstrated to be grossly insufficient to protect those not worshiping at the altar of the cradle-to-grave Nanny State from would be loyal minions to said state over any oaths to some Constitution paper.

    2) Hiring many thousands of community organizers as Navigators (CA wanted over 65k, of which 49K would be other than English native speakers) So 100K, 150K, 200K, ??? Federal employees with all the lifetime tenure such sinecures usually get. What will they do with the rest of their time but campaign for Progressive candidates.

ObamaCare was always designed to fail in order to pave the way for single payer. So far it has been a huge success!

Now all that needs to happen is for the House GOP to cave in exchange for some meaningless promises to do something vague in the future, and Obama’s victory will be complete.

    Rosalie in reply to Same Same. | October 10, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    “Now all that needs to happen is for the House GOP to cave in exchange for some meaningless promises to do something vague in the future, and Obama’s victory will be complete.”

    You can bet your house on it.

Does anyone else miss childhood and childish things? I respect my parents more every day when I consider the world they were required to navigate without succumbing to its conflict.

The source of good and evil in this world is the ego and all the things it demands, desires, and needs, including: material, physical, and selfish adulation.

NC Mountain Girl | October 10, 2013 at 3:49 pm

The sob stories only work when voters see very little connection to the cost of the government program and their own disposable income. Obamacare is a major miscalculation because almost everyone will be able to calculate exactly what the program costs them.

Nor does favorable publicity work well when the product itself sucks. I can think of movie bombs in which the stars had an extensive favorable media presence for months in advance. The media can flack all they want about the wonders of Obamacare but the Facebook pages are saying something else.

In the war of sob stories, Obamacare will win the media narrative every time.

I hope this is one of those few times you are wrong. I will do every little bit I can to push the narrative otherwise. I hope others will too.

Alinsky; movements die out, e.g. the Tea Party, organizations are much more difficult to get rid of.

It is the reason none, not one, of Obama’s organizations should have been permitted to exist. Alinsky is right. These things will all still be here when we are in our graves.

Was the real plan single-payer all along?

600 million and 3.5 years to create and launch a stupid website, only to fail abjectly.
Now wait and see. They’ll spend another 600 million to fix it, only to fail again.

This is a perfect example of why government has no business running a business, but some people just can’t get it, I suppose.

The majority of the people of the United States objected to Obama-care when it was being first voted on. No one wants it – then or now. We and our representatives who are following our will are being called arsonists, traitors, haters, willing to sacrifice children who suffer from cancer and on and on.

While all while Obama and the democrats are holding hostage our National Parks, dead bodies of young solders, children who suffer from cancer in order to extort tax payer money to fund their socialist wet dream.

Henry Hawkins | October 10, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Dem Plan:

1. Once the 2012 election is past, make tangible parts of Obamacare, which has been an on-paper only concept up till now. Hence, Whether it works or not is irrelevant. It need only serve as a tangible mannikin, a physical representation of existence. Necessary enrollments will or will not happen. Who cares? Doesn’t matter.

2. 2014. Take the House from the GOP, keep the Senate.

3. 2015-2016. Do whatever is necessary to make sure Obamacare does not work. Sabotage our own program if necessary. Massage media to work up citizen calls for something, anything better than this Obamacare mess. Once baited for change, switch them to a call for universal single payer, a true government full takeover of the medical treatment industry, a la the UK’s Nat’l Health Service.

4. Do it. Enact and implement US NHS before 2016, using every single dirty legislative trick it might take – just like with Obamacare’s passage.

5. Once US NHS is enacted, everyone forgets about Obamacare.

6. Ride the media waves from US NHS to keep the WH and both houses of congress in the 2016 election.

7. Obamacare forgotten, Obama’s legacy is universal single payer.

Midwest Rhino | October 10, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Sob stories versus statistics.
Sob stories versus people paying double what they used to pay.
Sob stories versus a part time economy.
Sob stories versus poor health care and a failing economy.

Of the 45 million supposed uninsured, most are either illegals or young people that don’t want to spend the money. The rest can’t afford it, more so now than before.

Those that have some special conditions (e.g. obese smokers on crack) still can’t afford Obamacare. Michelle Bachmann was out today saying “we have Obamacare ready now, let people choose instead of making it mandatory”.

But of course the real plan was to drive up costs for the 80% that had insurance they already liked. Knowing that Obama hates capitalism, and his racist church said “God Damn America”, and he keeps veterans out of the mall, but opens it for illegals … he’s really not trying to keep his hate for traditional/successful America a secret. He’s practically spitting on our returning troops, even after they paid the ultimate price, just like commie radicals in the 60’s.

This administration wants to confuse activity with accomplishment all the time, so distressing…

Since 2007 people have been calling incompetence, genius. And half the country still does, which is why we are in dire danger of collapse. I have really refrained from comparing this political party to Nazism, but their followers’ fanaticism, coupled with a boot-licking state-operated media, and their elected officials’ behavior leaves very little room for doubt. I don’t recognize my country any more. Who would have thought we would ever have a “leader” such as we have? And who would have thought that so many would follow such a person? And who would have thought an entire political party would so easily cross the line to join with socialism?

Six years ago I chose to vet Mr. Obama. I read ‘Audacity of Hope’, pored over everything about he, his life, background, family and friends, associations and political aspirations and was convinced then as I am now he was/is the Manchurian Candidate. His hatred for all things American is manifest and lives only to feed his insatiable desire to do what consigliere Valerie Jarrett stated, “He’ll be ready to rule on day one.” Freudian slip? I think not as he is the quintessential King and Obamacare isn’t just his baby; HE is Obamacare.
The beast may never die but starving it into impotence seems a viable option…for now.

huskers-for-palin | October 10, 2013 at 9:34 pm

If they can’t even handle Obamacare, they certainly can’t handle the whole enchelada. But then again, some people just wanna watch the world burn down.

    Handling health care was never a priority. The priority was making people crawl to left-wing bureaucrats and plead for what we could formerly provided for ourselves.

    And just about every elected Democrat in the country thinks that’s a great idea.

ObamaCare is a tax but has never been passed in the House. It could be stopped because it’s illegal but the GOP will never allow the vote to come to the floor. The Republican Party wants O’Care as much as the democrats. It’s not even up for discussion. The two party system no longer exists. In Nov. 2010 we gave the House all it needed to defund O’care but Boehner has never allowed an ObamaCare defunding measure to come to the floor. He even put it in a GOP controlled committee where it was “deadlocked” indefinitely. The GOP knew ahead of time all the hateful things Obama would be doing during the shutdown, how horrible it makes this country look, and they let it all go by. Obama does what he does exactly because he knows the GOP won’t stop him. They like him. He saved them from the Tea Party in 2012. Then the GOP goes hat in hand to Obama and offers him a deal which of course he turns down. I don’t know how much clearer the case can be made that the GOP and Obama are one. The two party system was destroyed by the Bush crowd who now man the battle stations on Fox News courtesy of Rupert Murdoch.

If the American would buy such a tale after witnessing the absolutely disastrous launch of a program they already oppose, and will continue to damage both health care and the economy in very real and immediate ways, then it’s over. We’ve lost.

If the people will suffer the consequences of socialist engineering first hand and still defend it, there is no point in fighting about it anymore. The parasitic class will have won final victory over the producer class.

I hear Costa Rica is nice. Don’t forget the DEET, though!