Many of today’s headlines are about the disaster known as

Correctly, people are wondering how the White House could turn the site live when it had not been properly designed and tested.  (More on that later from Mandy.)

The boondoggle is being portrayed as a major failure.  Which it is.

But readiness for prime time is no more a concern of the White House than it was when Obamacare originally was passed and no one in the White House or Democratic circles cared whether it was fully understood or functional as a law.

What matters to the White House is constructing a structure to Obamacare which, over time, becomes more difficult to repeal.

Even if projections the number of people signing up falls far short of goals and projections, there still will be people signed up who can be brought before television cameras and NY Times reporters for stories about how Republicans want to take away their health insurance. There will be far fewer television cameras and reporters interested in those who lost their prior full-time jobs, prior health insurance and can’t see their prior doctors because of Obamacare.

In the war of sob stories, Obamacare will win the media narrative every time. is part of that strategy.

What is important to The White House primarily is that Obamacare and exist, not that they work.


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