For those of you who use Twitter, here’s some useful news.

From The Verge:

Twitter is rolling out an option to ease the use of direct messages. Traditionally, Twitter has allowed users who follow each other to send direct messages back and forth, or for users to send direct messages to accounts that follow them. A new setting, that appears to have been rolling out over the past week, allows Twitter users to receive direct messages from any follower.

I was concerned when I first read that.  I appreciate my followers, but I don’t know all of them. (I also follow most people through lists now, rather than all of them directly).  So I prefer to try and keep a handle on who can DM me.   Also, spam.  Also, trolls.

I can see the benefits too, but I prefer to have the choice.

Thankfully, this followed:

“If you check this option, any Twitter user that follows you will be able to send you a DM, regardless of whether you decide to follow them back,” says a note before the option is turned on.


Yep, the option is there now.  I looked, and the setting was available on my own account.

To control this setting on your Twitter account, simply go to “Settings” in the drop-down menu.  On the “Account” page, you’ll find the setting in the middle of the page under the “Content” heading.  You don’t need to do anything if you want it to remain as before, where both accounts had to follow each other in order to DM.


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