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The only thing working in Detroit

The only thing working in Detroit


He returned to Detroit last winter.

and he is updating his Win The Future Theater for the shutdown scale-back with Episode 8: Shelter in Place:

Cody and Skylar shelter in place in their Seattle condo on Government Shutdown Day 12.

They are out of food and Trojans.


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Jeez, I don’t want the country punished with the progeny of Cody and Skylar’s shutdown shelter. Maybe Planned Parenthood delivers. You can bet the ranch not a dime was cut from Planned Parenthood’s government stipend.

Conservative Beaner | October 13, 2013 at 6:51 pm

LUH 3417 and THX 1138 should take their government prescribed pills to take away the anxiety and prevent any unlawful copulation. You are a true believer, all is well.

Soma! I demand my SOMA!!!

I’m not a fan, and I don’t want to be picky, but I think the Detroit Tigers work too.

So far, they’re working tonight in Boston….