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Stop texting before you go to sleep

Stop texting before you go to sleep

For all you smartphone addicts out there, it’s time to start silencing it or turning it off at night.  Or at least stop sending texts before you go to sleep.  In comes this earth shattering news that texting before you turn in for the night is bad for your quality of sleep.

From Today:

Everyone loves to get a “goodnight” text, but sending too many messages before bedtime may cut into your sleep quality: Sending and receiving too many text messages can lead to poor sleep, according to a new study published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

For the study, 83 college students answered an online survey about their sleep quality, as well as the average number of text messages they send and receive on any given day. Sure enough, researchers found that the more people text, the less sleep they get.

Not surprisingly, the authors of the study conclude that the audible text alerts wake you up while you’re trying to sleep.  Because, as one would expect, if you send texts, the recipient is going to respond.  In addition, people then feel pressured to respond immediately to the response. Oh, the vicious cycle.

This all seems rather silly, no?  Did we really need a study to tell us this?

It would seem sensible to just put your phones on vibrate at night, but apparently there’s been a study about that, too: The Danger of Leaving Your Phone on Vibrate.

And if that’s enough, as BetaBeat points out, there’s that whole “issue” with sleep texting too. (I’m being sarcastic).

It’s almost getting comical.

I think the point is, it’s time for people to just start using common sense when it comes to their tech gadgets.  I can probably think of more useful things on which these organizations can spend their research money and effort.


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Of course we needed another useless tax payer funded study. How else do expect to continue justifying more government.

You say: ” it’s time for people to just start using common sense when it comes to their tech gadgets.”

The sentence could be stopped after the word “sense.”

There should be an app or option to automatically shut off texting during sleep hours. I prefer to leave the phone calls on, for emergencies. Vibrate works just fine, if you are a light sleeper like me, and it doesn’t lift you two feet out of the bed, if you’re in a deep sleep.

I got a text and an alarm at 11 pm the first time some idiot in San Diego decided to use the Amber Alert system. The next day, I waded into that verdamdt Settings dialog, found the alert system, and shut that m’f’er off.

    Valerie in reply to Valerie. | October 16, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Nothing gets me cussing so fast as an undisciplined appliance.

    Running Wolf in reply to Valerie. | October 16, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    There are apps for this. In fact I think it’s built into the Android OS.

      My iPhone has this functionality, which they call a “Do Not Disturb” setting. It allows one to define hours during which the phone won’t respond to texts or other stuff. It has an option to still allow calls to come in from numbers on your ‘Favorites” list, as well as from callers who make repeated attempts to reach you (presumably because your brother-in-law has been snagged up by the Polizei once again).

      –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

having the telephone ringing at night after about 9.00 pm is more disturbing… but again you do not need a study on the subject.

As an aside, the study itself is flawed. The number of participants was too small, and the scope of the study was too small. It should have included playing computer games before going to sleep!!

“Everyone loves receiving a ‘Goodnight’ text…” WTF???

Mandy, Bro’: ROTFLMAO..!!

To Buffy, Breezy, Bobby, All Other Cyber Obsessed Infants:

Thank you. I feel better now.