A few related thoughts.



Watch MSNBC all day long and keep in mind that, for the vast majority of the reporters covering politics in Washington, MSNBC is the Gospel Truth. Realize that the ambitious younger journalists in the White House press corps dream of the day when they’ll have their own regular spot on MSNBC or, perhaps, they will be appointed to a job in the Obama administration itself, like their hero and mentor, Jay Carney.

All of these reporters are Democrats. They hate and despise Republicans, and consider it their most important duty as journalists to help elect more Democrats and then to help the Democrats to advance their political and legislative agenda. To these reporters, the superiority of the Democrats is an objective fact, and anyone who says a word in favor of Republicans is therefore a liar or a fool or both….

Was it “unbelievable” that Obama faced no tough questions at the press conference? It would have been unbelievable if he had.



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