Just a quick post to say that it looks like it will be back to discussing a Senate plan today, after no success with the House yesterday.  There are a series of meetings that are supposed to occur today.  We’ll add any major updates to the end of this post as the day progresses.

Here’s Byron York’s take on the situation, in the Washington Examiner:

For all the talk about the Senate reaching a solution to the twin spending and debt crises on Capitol Hill, the fact is, Senate Republicans, working from the weak position of the minority, needed the strength of House Republicans, with majority control, to pass the most conservative bill possible that could also make it through the Senate. But the House GOP, divided among itself, failed to do anything on Tuesday. For Republicans, that will mean an even weaker resolution to the crisis than might otherwise have happened.

Senate Republicans weren’t happy with a proposed deal that extended government spending and raised the debt limit, accompanied by a weak Obamacare subsidy verification provision and a tax break that mostly benefited Democratic-leaning unions. How could the GOP be satisfied with that? For Republicans, it was a really bad way to end the fight. “Because it was so weak, we never accepted it,” said a Senate Republican aide in a conversation Tuesday night. “The reason it went to the House was that Senate Republicans were not satisfied with the deal that Reid was presenting. The House had the opportunity to pass something more rigorous.”

[…]  But the House Republicans failed, and seemed to fall apart in the process. Senate Republicans knew the House GOP conference was divided, and they knew Boehner’s hold on his conference was shaky, but they were still stunned by the GOP’s utter failure to accomplish anything.


Here’s what’s in store for today:

UPDATED 10/16 11:55am ET:

The Senate is said to have reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling and end the shutdown


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