Another conversation I had with myself on Twitter.

Last time it was about The Republican Brand.  This time it’s about the lunacy of Republicans — stoked by the media — panicking over polling last week showing Republicans dropping like a stone into a mountain crevice.

Today Pew released its polling, and it found essentially no change in Republican favorability over the past year. Democrats poll better in terms of favorability, but that’s been the case for a long time.

Republicans actually are in a slightly better position today than a year out from the 2010 Republican landslide, and are rated better in terms of handling the economy and running government.

I don’t say Pew knows any better than the other pollsters, or vice versa, but that’s the point.  Do what’s right, and worry about the 2014 polls closer to November 2014.  For God’s sake, Republicans, stop acting like bouncing Super Balls based on the latest polling.

First some Pew charts:

Pew Party Favorability 10-15-2013 full

Pew Mid Term Advantage 10-15-2013

Pew More Extreme 10-15-2013

Now my conversation with myself on Twitter:


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