No, not the gubmint.

Legal Insurrection, for scheduled “maintenance.”

Starting about 4 a.m. Eastern on Monday. If all goes according to plan, the outage will be short and in any event, over no later than 8 a.m.

If all doesn’t go according to plan, can you say “”?

This also is a good excuse to point out that for a while Legal Insurrection has been in the Top 10 of Politics blogs as rated by Technorati based on the mysterious “authority” algorithm.

It’s volatile, and we could drop like a stone tomorrow, but as of this moment in time, we’re number 8 in Politics:

Technorati Politics 6-10 10-18-2013

This does seem to indicate that we have an impact far beyond our rather modest blog traffic.  Hopefully that will not change after the “maintenance” change on Monday.