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I’ll meet that bumper sticker, and raise you 7 trillion

I’ll meet that bumper sticker, and raise you 7 trillion

From Henry, taken in Ojai, CA:

I hope this one is a bit more clear.

Upper left sticker says, “Vote Obama”

Sticker below plate says, “The Bush Legacy: No Child Left A Dime.”

I should have jumped out and offered to scrape off the Bush sticker for $20.  LOL

Bumper Sticker - No Child Left A Dime



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We’ve gone from the “Greatest Generation” of WWII vets, to the Obama Legacy:

“The Most worthless Generation”

(In terms of being debt ridden)

You could scrape the Bush sticker out, or you could have used permanent marker to change “Vote Obama” into “Vote Obama OUT“.

(Too late, I know, but still makes a point.)

Wait till Obama’s legacy arrives in the mail: your policy is cancelled so have a nice day and visit for even more bad news.

Conservative Beaner | October 27, 2013 at 9:12 am

Obama – No tax dollar left behind

I’d throw dimes and loose change at the car.

right-s-right | October 28, 2013 at 5:57 am

Or, you could remove the Obama sticker, then cross out “Bush” on the other one, and write in Obama. Nauseatingly, Our Beloved Leader sharply criticized Bush’s overspending when O was a senator, and voted AGAINST raising the debt sealing, then pounded Bush’s overspending when O was running for president himself. Now, he has run up a debt SEVERAL TIMES larger than the one Bush left, and has viciously criticized everyone who did NOT want to raise the debt ceiling. Any American with any knowledge of the facts of what Obama has done to hurt us all, and with any intelligence at all, would have scraped their Obama bumper stickers off and burned their Obama T shirts by now.