I guess this is no surprise.

The rising anger of Obama, Harry Reid and other Democrats has made it impossible even to come to agreement on funding NIH clinical trials for children with cancer.

Even though the children with cancer turned away were a major Democratic talking point until the House passed the funding.

Obama previously promised to veto the funding, but Reid saved him the trouble today by killing a consent motion to approve the NIH funding bill the House passed yesterday.  (I don’t know, procedurally, if this is a permanent kill, or if it can be brought up later for a regular vote.)

What’s most telling is Reid’s vituperative attacks on the floor of the Senate, as The Washington Times reports:

The debate on the Senate floor turned poisonous  for a few minutes when Mr. Reid verbally  savaged Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican who  wasn’t on the chamber floor but who Mr. Reid said was pulling the strings on the GOP strategy and encouraging the GOP-dominated House’s hardline stance.

“Senator Cruz is now joint Speaker. He  lectures the House,” Mr. Reid, Nevada  Democrat, said.

Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, firing a warning shot back at Mr.  Reid by reading a passage from Senate rules  that forbids disparaging the motives of fellow senators.

It’s worth noting that until Reid became Majority Leader, individual spending bills were the norm, as Senator Roy Blunt explained today:

Obama, Reid and their caucus are letting their anger get the best of them.


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