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Greenwald to leave The Guardian for “very substantial new media outlet”

Greenwald to leave The Guardian for “very substantial new media outlet”

News broke this afternoon courtesy of Buzzfeed that Glenn Greenwald Will Leave Guardian To Create New News Organization:

Glenn Greenwald, the lawyer and blogger who brought The Guardian the biggest scoop of the decade, is departing the London-based news organization, for a brand-new, large-scale, broadly focused media outlet, he told BuzzFeed Tuesday.

Greenwald, 46, published revelations from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden about the extent of American and British domestic spying and about officials’ deception about its scope. He said he is departing for a new, “once-in-a-career dream journalistic opportunity” with major financial backing, the details of which will be public soon.

“My partnership with The Guardian has been extremely fruitful and fulfilling: I have high regard for the editors and journalists with whom I worked and am incredibly proud of what we achieved,” Greenwald said in an emailed statement. “The decision to leave was not an easy one, but I was presented with a once-in-a-career dream journalistic opportunity that no journalist could possibly decline.”

Politico also reported, “The new venture, described by a source familiar with it as “rather extraordinary,” will be web-based and funded by a philanthropist.”

Greenwald didn’t give many specifics on the venture, but did offer some limited information to Buzzfeed.

The venture, which he said had “hired a fair number of people already,” will be “a general media outlet and news site — it’s going to have sports and entertainment and features. I’m working on the whole thing but the political journalism unit is my focus.”

Greenwald said he looked forward to creating a new organization with “no preexisting institutional strictures on what you can do.”

“When people hear what it is, there is almost no journalist who would say no to it,” Greenwald told Buzzfeed.

Of course, I was busy collecting tweets for this post to bring you everyone’s speculation on the matter.  But before I could even finish this post, Reuters just reported that the venture will be funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar – according to people familiar with the matter, it says.


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Hmmm, MSNBC or Al Gorezeera America? Will anyone notice?

How long it will be before it’s revealed to be all about pushing the militant rainbow agenda? Allahpundit (and HotGas) will love that.

Henry Hawkins | October 15, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Greenwald to soros with the eagles, eh?

Is he taking his sockpuppets with him?

DavidJackSmith | October 15, 2013 at 9:02 pm

Greenwald has seen the media future. And…


Oh sure, we’ve never seen THAT before have we Mt Hearst!

The Newswire will be a feed from Wikileaks.

Greenwald is obviously being guaranteed enough cash for long enough to make it worth his while to see how soon the benefactor(s) will pull the plug from the failed venture.

I hate to see his anti-American fervor rewarded but if it means he will soon disappear from public view, it will be worth it.

Yes, what the world needs now is yet another liberal news organization.

re: “The new venture, described by a source familiar with it as “rather extraordinary,” will be web-based and funded by a philanthropist.”

You don’t need a Weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing, eh? Tyrannical liberal-progressive socialism or Islamic sharia, both are well known for funding these type of little endeavors. Both ideologies are anti-freedom and liberty, as well as coloring outside the lines when it comes to “truth” – whatever that may be…

Stalin had his inconvenient moments airbrushed out of the photo’s, I wonder how Mr. Greenwald will handle his inconvenient moments? A pandering sophist and entertainer, perhaps he’ll be the next employer of Barack H. Obama – another vaudeville act that holds the plebes in thrall.

Shackles around our ankles, wrists and minds… Group think and gruel, the future whispers — “Come”.

Sports, entertainment, features, and his favorite political journalism, all with “no preexisting institutional strictures on what you can do.” Good stuff. Sounds like a grafiti wall or the side of a boxcar.

biggest scoop of the decade
only to those who like to make fun of tinfoilers. many people knew of the nsa stuff, said exactly what was being done (w/o program names or pretty slides) and have been ridiculed for decades. Some of us worked with cyrpto people in the service.

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