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“First they came for the Joker” Week at College Insurrection

“First they came for the Joker” Week at College Insurrection

First they came for the Joker:


Damn good thing they didn’t wear Joker make-up at these events, or they might have been in trouble:

Then they came for Indiana University:

Will not be prosecuted:

Must read.  Must read.  Must read.

There’s a scientific term for this, and I would know what it was if I ever took Physics:

Oh, I thought of it, I thought of it, “Diversity Training”:

Al Gore and that girl he starred with in Love Story could not be reached for comment:

They actually made a movie about this, you know:

The tears of a Clown:

How do you unwaste a mind?

How do you spell fiskill risponzibality?

Sign of the times:


Something good:

Something better:


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PersonFromPorlock | October 12, 2013 at 7:06 pm

If the students at Oswego are anything like what they were when I went there fifty years ago, the how-to-masturbate instructions may not be entirely wasted. Beer drinking they did understand, though.

But Buckland’s is gone and the place is dead to me.