In addition to the real shutdowns at the WWII Memorial and elsewhere, we can expect to see all sorts of non-shutdowns blamed on the federal government partial shutdown.

I noticed this along a path in the Collegetown section of Ithaca, a path along the Gorge next to the Schwartz Theater.  That path has been under construction for months.

But today it had a sign announcing the path was closed due to the government shutdown.

Cornell sign - Path Closed Due to Govt Shutdown

I checked with Cornell media relations, and after they checked, they confirmed that the sign was a fake and the path was not closed due to a government shutdown:

The path is closed for scheduled work along the gorge trail. Absolutely nothing to do with the federal government shutdown. That’s just a good sign of Ithaca’s civic-sensitive sense of humor.

I can’t say that I agree with that last statement. All of the students walking past it probably believed it was true, and blamed Republicans for having to take a less direct route.

I returned after hearing from Cornell to get student reaction. The signs, however, had been removed, but the messaging damage was done for the hundreds of students who already had walked by.


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