Want to know how we lost the campuses and a generation?  Because we allowed people like Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, one of the Duke Group of 88 professors, to indoctrinate our children:

At various points in his teaching or scholarship, Bonilla-Silva has used other names for the country of which he is a citizen. In his most recent book, his preface described the United States as “gringoland.” In a course syllabus used at his previous institution, Texas A&M, he wrote, “We conclude the class with a discussion of some of the solutions that have been proposed to deal with the racial dilemmas plaguing the United States of Amerikkka (I will remove the three Ks from this word when the USA removes racial oppression from this country!).”

He never apologized for prejudging the Duke Lacrosse players because they were white.  And he’s still at it, after all these years:

And he’s not alone:

So does this really surprise you?

Think like us, or we’ll shoot this dog:

I thought these books had been burned already on campus:

(language warning)

Never heard of the place:

What is this world coming to?

We interrupt this list for click bait:

Were they overcooked?

So don’t take his course:

Will the homophobia never stop?

In Obama’s America, anything is possible:



Happy Halloween!


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