Obama’s trek for a lunchtime photo op struck me as trying too hard.

Contriving to make like he doesn’t have a worry in the world and is in the catbird’s seat tells me he knows his position is just the opposite.

So does the cancellation of his Asia trip. Obama knows he is in an increasingly precarious position, and that public opinion could shift very quickly against the captain of a ship perceived as sinking. The captain can blame the crew, but the captain will be held responsible.

While we shouldn’t read too much into a short term Gallup Daily Tracking move, if this is any reflection of reality, Obama is getting hurt badly by his no-negotiation posture and the pettiness of his bullying of Veterans at the WWII Memorial, among others.

Gallup Presidential Approval Average 9-15 - 10-4 2013

(Gallup Presidential Approval Daily Tracking 3-day Rolling Average, 9-15 / 10-4- 2013)

With each day, as Republicans in the House pass funding bills, Democrats appear ever more intransigent. Denying funding to children with cancer? Even CNN called Harry Reid out on that.

Veterans? FEMA?

The hateful language spewing daily from senior Democratic politicians does them no good.

Don’t fall prey to the pundits and “sky is falling” Republican who are predicting that this is the worst thing ever for Republicans and a bonanza for Obama.

It’s way too early to know how this plays out in electoral terms down the road. Don’t worry about that. Stay strong.

It’s all about moving the ball down the field in a long game over the future of the country. You don’t need a touchdown or even a field goal on this drive. Field position matters for what is to come.

And the time clock is on our side because the Obama presidency has an expiration date.

Do the right thing. The rest will follow.


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