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Bum rap

Bum rap

From Bill in Walnut Creek, CA:

Wonderful Bumper Sticker Juxtaposit​ion

NRA on a Prius in Walnut Creek, CA!!

I’m definitely starting to think Priuses are getting a bum rap. We’re seeing a lot of good bumper stickers on them.


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California. NRA. Prius. Vote. I guess the last Conservative hasn’t left the LaRazafornia yet.

Which demonstrates to me that democrats also have all forms of vote theft down to routine in states other then Minnesota.

We rented one when we were in the Bay Area last month (got upgraded to one)! I laughed and told my husband we needed a bumper sticker that said, “Make No Assumptions About The Driver Of This Car!”

We ended up loving it – we drove from Oakland to Sonora to North Lake Tahoe and back to Oakland on 6 gallons of gas! What’s not to love although it was a little weird not having a key!