We’ve seen years of offensive name calling and antics from Alan Grayson.

He called a Federal reserve lobbyist a whore, and most famously claimed that Republicans want people to die quickly.

Grayson’s latest, however, is his worst yet, via NRO, Dem Rep. Uses Burning KKK Cross to Depict Tea Party:

Representative Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) sent the following e-mail to his supporters yesterday. Image from Dave Levinthal….

Alan Grayson Email Tea Party Burning Cross

In the e-mail, Grayson explains that the Republican party, which is “the largest suicide pact in history,” is intent on bringing “about the End of Days as quickly as possible.” The Tea Party, Grayson added, “is no more popular than the Klan.” To illustrate the latter point, he included a picture of a burning crosss that looks like a T, and added ”ea Party” onto the end for good measure.

What a poisonous man.


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