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Alan Grayson serves more poison

Alan Grayson serves more poison

We’ve seen years of offensive name calling and antics from Alan Grayson.

He called a Federal reserve lobbyist a whore, and most famously claimed that Republicans want people to die quickly.

Grayson’s latest, however, is his worst yet, via NRO, Dem Rep. Uses Burning KKK Cross to Depict Tea Party:

Representative Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) sent the following e-mail to his supporters yesterday. Image from Dave Levinthal….

Alan Grayson Email Tea Party Burning Cross

In the e-mail, Grayson explains that the Republican party, which is “the largest suicide pact in history,” is intent on bringing “about the End of Days as quickly as possible.” The Tea Party, Grayson added, “is no more popular than the Klan.” To illustrate the latter point, he included a picture of a burning crosss that looks like a T, and added ”ea Party” onto the end for good measure.

What a poisonous man.


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Just another despicable lunatic.

Alan Grayson is the Piers Morgan of The US House Of Representatives. Indeed he is a reviled and quite poisonous man.

Time for him to go, deux.

I wonder if my Congressional rep (a Democrat) has my email automatically deleted yet, since I started complaining about stuff like this.

I’m torn. Sure Grayson is certifiable, but do we really need to honor him by actually thinking about his insanity?

    Phillep Harding in reply to snopercod. | October 23, 2013 at 11:15 am


    Well, not “honor”, but we better take him seriously as he is resonating with many of those who support turning the US into more a fascist state than it already is.

I suppose it’s not worth mentioning that the KKK’s membership was almost entirely Democrat? Or that the Klansmen in the photo are more than likely Democrats?

Nope. Probably not.

    TugboatPhil in reply to JohnC. | October 22, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    He got the picture of the burning cross by using DNC letterhead stationery.

    Paul in reply to JohnC. | October 22, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Looked at another way, Grayson is the clansman who wants to lynch tea party members. Who else uses a burning cross in their literature? hmmm?

DDsModernLife | October 22, 2013 at 9:59 pm

Outrageous –> name recognition. Name recognition –> votes. It’s a sad state of affairs but, in the words of Herman Cain, “Stupid people are ruining America.”

“Now You Know What the ‘T’ Stands For.“

a•nus (ˈeɪ nəs)

n., pl. a•nus•es.
the excretory opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal.
[1650–60; < Latin ānus ring, anus]

Anus Grayson “Now You Know What The ‘A‘ Stands For”

And yet, I’m glad he’s there as an iconic poster child for the ugliness of American liberalism.

You would think at some point the democraps would reach their quota of mouth breathing gutless peckerheads.

    rabidfox in reply to jdkchem. | October 22, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Why should they have a limit? The media supports them, their President supports them, the eastern big money interests support them. What’s the downside?

You didn’t see the Democrats sink to such depths while their éminence grise Robert Byrd was still alive – he had too much respect for the Klan.

The TEA Party must scare the h3ll out of the liberals.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to rabidfox. | October 23, 2013 at 9:59 am

    I still think the Democrats are simply executing the 2014 campaign strategy. Arsonist, anarchist, jihadist, terrorist, and now Klansman are the terms the Democrats will use from now until Nov. 2014 to define the Republicans and Tea Party in order to delegitimize them as a viable alternative. It’s simple to do. Requires no persuasive skill. Just call ’em the most vile and repugnant terms imaginable and watch Republicans squirm and play defense. It’s a simple enough plan that even the most brain dead Democrat can execute it. If the tactic gets 5%-7% of GOP leaning voters to stay home out of disgust in 30-40 swing districts, then Democrats win the House.

    We’re fortunate that we live in a country with a free press where the MSM will shove microphones in front of the president’s face and make him defend the use of this language by his own party.

    Oh wait. The president himself referred to Republicans as terrorists when microphones were in his face. And the MSM mostly yawned, nodded and agreed. Never mind.

Alan Mark Grayson is the United States Representative for Florida’s 9th congressional district –

Who are these people, do they all think like Grayson? How is it he feels free to send out emails like that to get them to give him money? They must agree with it enough that it gets results for him.

How did Grayson get reelected? Gerrymandering, voter fraud or a combination of both? Certifiable!

Alan Grayson recently introduced to Congress The Robert C. Byrd Mine Safety Act of 2013 bill – named in honor of deceased West Virginia Senator and KKK Kleagle/Exalted Cyclops.

So “This is what Democracy looks like?”

Wow, website looks great!!!!

Allen West:

“Thoroughly disgusted by @AlanGrayson burning cross imagery. Sir, YOUR party created the KKK 2 intimidate black voters”

The whole thing at Twitchy:

And Fox:

Grand Wizard Grayson. Yep. Who else uses a burning cross in their literature other than KKK members.

Grand Wizard Grayson wants to lynch tea party members. (I wonder if any Black Tea Party members would have a valid civil rights case in this “Inciting a lynch mob mentality” literature?)

Why is anyone surprised? He is a typical Democrat. You can bet your bottom dollar that is exactly how the Jug Eared Jesus sees the Tea Party.

He’s a nasty man. No decent person would vote for such a candidate, but unfortunately there are no qualifications that apply to voters at all anymore.

Redistricting/reapportionment has changed the district for 2014, its old gerrymandered fingers out to and along the Gulf Coast are gone and it is mainly Oceola County (around Orlando) now. Florida gained two seats from redistricting, so my guess would be it is now a safer seat for Democrats to ensure the new seats go to Republicans.

Wait what?! I thought we were still in “civil” mode? Did I miss a memo? Maybe the Dems could set up an alert system so we know when “civil mode” is on/off?

What a disgusting and horrible person.

He’s a pig.

TrooperJohnSmith | October 23, 2013 at 4:30 am

Look at the leer, the square head and the beady little eyes. Is anyone else reminded of Ted Bundy? I wonder if he does clown.

Who would have thought there was anyone that could make Anthony Weiner look good, but by God, the Dems have done it again. Apparently there is no bottom to the pit from which Dems draw their candidates, and no limit to the stupidity of the voters in his district.

Extra low information voters, or are they all just senile or dead? Or both?

I am sure some enterprising young conservative could come up with something that would be similar and applicable to Gorilla Grayson…

Makes no point in saying Alan Grayson is a nasty man. When the GOP lets this sort of thing stand, they validate it in the eyes of the electorate, a lot of whom are ignorant about the TP. The only answer to this is billboards, ads, flyers all against Alan Grayson. Punch back ten times as hard and make him pay for his lies and vilification. That’s when he will cease and desist.

Such talk only befouls the talker, but the worst part is how it demeans and trivializes the real victims of the real KKK terrorists of a century ago, by morally equivalizing their victimization with the delusional ‘crimes’ of political opponents.