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Why that video of Israeli soldiers dancing at Palestinian club wasn’t so funny

Why that video of Israeli soldiers dancing at Palestinian club wasn’t so funny

I don’t think I posted this video, when it went semi-viral in late August.

A group of Israeli soldiers on patrol in Hebron, a town on the West Bank that had an ancient Jewish community until deadly anti–Jewish riots in 1929, danced with people at a wedding club,

According to the report, the soldiers entered the club while on patrol on Monday, after hearing the song Gangnam Style by Psy coming from the building.

IDF soldier filmed dancing with Palestinians after allegedly leaving patrol

The footage aired by Channel 2 purportedly shows a soldier in IDF uniform, fully armed, sitting on the shoulders of a Palestinian club-goer, even clasping hands with another man at the club.

Channel 2 said that the club was frequented by members of a Palestinian clan known for its pro-Hamas tendencies.

In a better world, this would have been a good thing.  But they were disciplined for it, because Palestinians have been trying to kidnap Israeli soldiers for ransom, and it left them vulnerable.

That is no idle threat, as the news today of an Israeli soldier kidnapped by a co-worker for ransom demonstrates:

IDF soldier Tomer Hazan, kidnapped and killed in West Bank:

Hazan was lured on Friday to the village of Beit Amin, south of Qalqilya, by a 42-year-old Palestinian resident of the village, Nidal Amar. Amar worked at an Israeli restaurant, in Bat Yam, where Hazan also worked part-time.

Amar was arrested and confessed to killing Hazan, the Shin Bet security service said.

According to the Shin Bet, Amar recounted how he picked up Hazan in a taxi on Friday after convincing him to accept a ride. He took the Israeli to an open field, killed him and hid his body in a well, the agency said….

Shin Bet said Amar had confessed to intending to trade Hazan’s body for another brother, a member of the Fatah Tanzim terror group, in an Israeli jail since 2003 for his role in several terror attacks.

Much like the attempted bombing of the Mamilla Mall by an Arab employee at the mall, this is yet another step towards ending the hope of peaceful coexistence.

[Note: Headline corrected to substitute “club” for “wedding.” My mistake, I don’t think it was a wedding.]


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A classic example of “No Good Deed shall go unpunished.”

Catch-22 anyone? Try to make friends with Palestinians, get punished. Not make friends with Palestinians = more of the same.

    Paul in reply to Paul. | September 21, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    And please, spare the “you can’t trust any of them” arguments. I’ve heard them, and guess what….Nothing changes.

Israelis employ Arabs?

Come on!

Next you’ll be telling me there are Arabs in the Knesset in this apartheid state.

LHC (who might be dumb, but he’s not stupid)

First, it was spontaneous. Second, it was a wedding. Hardly likely a place where a kidnapping would be carried out. And, three, the discipline from the “top” … could mean Israel, again, has an idiot like Bar-Lev at the top. Or worse: Gonen.

Just getting promoted doesn’t prove a thing. Hey, look at the “star wars” General Alexander, who runs the N.S.A. And, has a special program that teaches “deception.” Plus, he lies to congress. No problem. Plus, he doesn’t let our Constitution get in his way. We’ve lost 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment Rights, where it’s even hard to find a lawyer in America who cares.

Our 3rd Amendment involves “housing troops.” While over in Israel it is common for soldiers to thumb rides with strangers. Who stop and pick up the gun toting soldiers. It’s all a matter of trust.

Arik Sharon, himself, said he had trusted arabs who worked at his farm. And, he loved them. And, in return they loved him.

Arafat’s dead. Hamas, who lives in Gaza, is dealing with the Egyptians making sure they can’t come out and terrorize Egptian policemen. What Egypt does goes unscrutinized. What Israel does gets proctoscoped.

While what you learned at this “dancing at the wedding” event … is that local soldiers have hearts and brains. And, they’re comfortable “working” in an area that’s considered hazardous.

In America this would be white cops working well in black ghettos. BECAUSE they can relate to people as human beings.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Carol Herman. | September 22, 2013 at 5:47 am

    In America this would be white cops working well in black ghettos. BECAUSE they can relate to people as human beings.

    This was true until Obama became president and then y’all white folks became “crackers”.

    Sorry to disillusion you, Carol, but Arabs do not really see Jews and Christians as “human beings”. They regard them as “sons of monkeys, apes, and pigs”.

    All I can say about these Israeli soldiers is that they have a death wish or just don’t want to learn from experience.

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Should surround the village and starve it until the murderers and their accomplice are produced.

It’s my observed understanding that ‘common sense’ is just not all that common. It seems, also, that when life hands us problematic paradigms which go against our past experiences, then the first thing we try to do is romanticize or idealize ‘reality’.

re: “…this is yet another step towards ending the hope of peaceful coexistence.”

I propose that all hope of peaceful coexistence was extinguished completely 1400 years ago, after desert bandits started to follow the Quran. Applying the concept of ‘peaceful coexistence’ to any non-Islamic culture with Islam would be tantamount to saying blacks and whites had peaceful coexistence in Georgia, circa 1840 – abject foolishness.

Islam says that anyone NOT a Muslim, but living amongst Muslims, must assume the subservient role of dhimmitude. Likewise, Muslims are called to rise up and slaughter both Christians and Jews. Examples are numerous beyond description, but last weekends slaughter at a Kenyan mall and a Pakistani church are fair samples.

These soldiers should have been reprimanded and fined severely for being so ignorant of current events and past history. They have the mentality of Tennessee snake handlers using Bible scriptures as an excuse to act foolish with Timber Rattlers.