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What’s old is new again

What’s old is new again

From Michelle, seen on a car with Rhode Island plates:

While traveling in  Carlisle, PA we saw this bumper sticker

Bumper Sticker - Carlisle PA - Blind Faith


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But remember not having blind faith in a bad black leader is racist. Or you’re a sellout depending.

What comes around, goes around. 🙂

Our nation took the hit when forces that share obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder assisted in electing this individual twice BUT as another individual stated: “We Shall Overcome”.

Still, those “forces” fawn over his decision to share, no, make that TAKE the blame in going to congress.

Either way the decision goes down, Mr. Narcissistic wins. BUT “We Shall Overcome”!

If obama goes it alone, in a play on the words of another individual:

‘If the glove does fit, you must convict”

By the way GM, why didn’t you name a vehicle Urban, Suburban sounds so elitist..

But, but, he’s black!