Andrew Branca and I gave a lecture on September 12, 2013, at Cornell Law School in an event sponsored by the Cornell 2nd Amendment Club.

The topic was the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin and subsequent trial.

My segment starts at 2:45 and Andrew Branca’s at 30:40, with questions from the audience at 1:03:30.

The video does not show the slides used, those are available along with video at the Cornell Law School website.  (The video is easier to view here,  but you can try the Cornell site if you like.)

(Added) Here are the Slides: Did The Zimmerman Jury Get It Right – Slide Presentation.  If you want to see them synced to the audio, you have to go to the Cornell link above.

Did the Zimmerman Jury Get It Right – Slide Presentation

I got a notice today of the panel discussion below. I asked to be included on the panel, but was informed it was too late to change the format. That’s too bad.  Based on the description, a dissenting voice would have been educational:

Profiling Trayvon Cornell


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